Review.Network User MVP Is Now Live!

Petar Slovic
Aug 27, 2018 · 4 min read


We have successfully implemented the core set of functionalities, and are now continuing the development to add more features one by one.


Registering on the application is simple — just provide your email, username and password, and a new wallet is generated for you. Your email or password are not transmitted over the network or stored in any databases. They are employed locally for authentication, with the password being used to encrypt your wallet before saving it to your phone’s storage. Passwords are not stored anywhere.


After you have registered, you will see the main reviews feed. That’s where you can browse through categories and subcategories, look at products and services, and read their reviews. It’s important to note that the app displays only the reviews that have passed validation.


Here, you can see the surveys published by companies, fill them out, and receive a payout in REW tokens.


The profile section shows your current REW and ETH balance, as well as a stream of activity related to that balance. Right now, that means the survey rewards, but as we move forward, it will also include a detailed analysis of all REWs in and out of your account.


It was a very productive week. Publishing the User MVP on the Google Play Store and seeing our first users take it for a spin is an amazing feeling, and we are very thankful to the community for sharing their feedback with us.

Download the MVP on Google Play


Blockchain startup aiming to transform the way reviews work.

Thanks to Matt Yanofsky.

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Blockchain startup aiming to transform the way reviews work.