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Artist Showcase: Well-known Spanish Artist & Actor Jae Felipe Joined Revival NFT Marketplace

Amid an existing rich pool of talented artists, Revival is always in search for more potential NFT creators. This time, the Revival team is thrilled to onboard a well-known Spanish designer and actor Jae Felipe into our Medici Support Program.

Jae Felipe’s Remarkable Success in Design & Art

Solo Exhibition UATown Beijing, China

Born in Spain in a humble class family, the oldest of 5 siblings, Jae Felipe started working at a very young age and accomplished his degree in philosophy studying at nights. After completing his PhD in Philosophy of Art, Jae focused on his career as a graphic designer, specializing in branding and corporate identity.

As a designer, Jae has done projects for Microsoft Corporation, Portugal Telecom, The European Union, Expo Hannover 2000, (Germany) or the Universal Expo Aichi 2005, (Japan), among other clients.

As a self-driven person, Jae continued to pursue a Ph.D. in Aesthetics and art after obtaining the bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and education; he has taught art and creativity at Suzhou University and the National Audiovisual Research Institute in Paris. In 1999, Jae founded his design studio as a consultant for evaluating innovative projects for the Spanish government.

His work was presented together with the exceptional works from Picasso, Dali, and Miro in the “Symbols of the Century-Spanish Centennial Painting and Design Exhibition (1900–2000)”, held by the Spanish government at Reina Sofía National Art Center on the occasion of the millennium celebration. The exhibition collected Spain’s most outstanding designers’ work throughout the 20th century for display.

“I wanted to broaden my vision and knowledge, and although acting is a fantastic experience, art attracted me more and more.”

In China, most of Jae’s exhibitions were with works made of porcelain: Peking Opera masks that Jae produced in Jingdezhen companies to form large mosaics. Each work consisted of more than 2000 porcelain masks forming figures.

“They weighed a lot, and were very delicate to transport and mount in the exhibitions, but in the end we succeeded.”, Jae spoke about Peking Opera masks

In addition, Jae Felipe was:

  • displaying his artworks in “PASION, SPANISH DESIGN,” an itinerant exhibition among European Union countries in 2002
  • nominated twice by BEDA (Bureau of European Designers Associations) for its Design National Prize
  • invited as a design consultant for intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and giants, such as the EU, the Spanish government, Amnesty International, Spanish Government, Portugal Telecom, Microsoft, Expo Aichi (Japan), Expo Hannover (Germany), etc.
Solo exhibition Croma Room

Jae’s Success as An Actor- 10 Years of Experience, Over 30 Movies & Series, Acting Alongside World-Famouse Actors Jackie Chan, Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan & More

“When I finished my master on Production in the Institute National de l´Audiovisuel (INA), in Paris, I decided to go to China to explore China-Europe co-production projects. But I was impressed with China. I changed my plans, and it changed my life: I started working as an actor in Chinese movies and TV series while developing my artistic projects making artworks with characters from the Peking Opera.”

For more than 10 years, Jae has made dazzling achievements in the Film and television industry and played roles in more than 30 movies and TV series. The film “City of Life and Death” that he participated in won the Golden Shell Award as the best film in San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Jae Felipe in City of Life and Death
Jae Felipe in Dunhuang Sentiment
Jae with Jackie Chan in Taiwan

Jae has starred in many historical movies and TV series in China. In addition to “City of Life and Death”, he also played significant roles in “The Founding of A Party,” “Dong Fang,” “Deng Xiaoping,” “Peng Dehuai Yuanshuai,” “Zhou Enlai in Chongqing,” etc. He has worked with many well-known Chinese actors/ actresses such as Jackie Chan, Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan, and others in his acting career.

Jae with Gao Yuan Yuan
Jae with Liu Ye

“They have all been unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to meet and work with fantastic Chinese actors and directors. Personally, I would highlight two productions: Nanjing Nanjing (a small role as a doctor helping Chinese prisoners) because this film, by the excellent director Lu Chuan, won the award for the best film in San Sebastián, the most important film festival in my country, Spain.”

Jae Felipe’s NFTs will be listed soon on Revival NFT Marketplace. Stay tuned!

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