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New Features | NFT Price Real-time Update & Up to 30 Days Long Auctions

In this update, we have added 2 new features in hopes of improving the user experience even further.

  • Added: NFT Price real-time update (in terms of USD)

NFT Price real-time update

We have added a display of real-time USD prices of the NFT artworks listed on Revival.

Prior to this update, all NFT artworks on Revival were priced in terms of $LOL or $IOST. The fluctuation of the token prices makes it inconvenient for users to calculate the real-time value of the NFT artworks. Now, Revival users can easy and conveniently check the price of their favorite artworks and focus on the appreciation in price, wink wink.

Up to 30-day auction time setting

Revival British auctions now up to 30-day auction period.

Compared with the previous setting, which only supported 1, 3, and 7 days auctions, the newly added 30-day auctions can effectively increase the display time of NFT artworks on the platform, which not only helps the artworks to gain more attention but also brings more possibilities for a higher-value sale of it.

About Revival NFT Marketplace

Revival, developed by EMOGI Team, is the first major multi-chain aggregated NFT marketplace on IOST.

Empowered by blockchain technology, Revival enables the tokenization of the artwork on the chain to generate NFT artworks that are unique and verifiable with their smart contract addresses.

Revival implements the innovative Margin Reward Mechanism for its users. Building on top of the ultra-fast, secure, and gas-efficient IOST blockchain, Revival provides artists and users with seamless experiences to create, buy and sell NFT artworks at decent returns.

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