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Revival partners with well-known Lolita-Fashion Brand Soufflesong

To promote Nijigen culture and explore the blockchain applications of Lolita Fashion, Revival is thrilled to partner with Soufflesong, a famous indie Lolita-Fashion brand based in China.

Founded in September 2014, Soufflesong is a world-renowned Lolita-Fashion brand based in China, with 936,000 fans worldwide. Soufflesong designs and produces Lolita clothing, derivative merchandise, cosmetics, snacks, and other related commodities. Soufflesong has a number of well-known IPs and brands and has developed a mature network covering product design, manufacturing, and marketing. It is the first Lolita brand to show in New York Fashion Week and is invited as a guest brand to show in Wuhan Fashion Week every year.

About Lolita Fashion

As a vital part of the Nijigen culture heritage, Lolita clothing originated from European court skirts in the 1970s. It is characterized by colorful, luxurious, and complex clothes, often with ruffles, tutu skirts, princess sleeves, tethers, and other designs. Lolita clothing is often used as a cosplay costume and is often worn by young-looking cute girls called “Loli” (by Nijigen fans). Hence comes the name “Lolita.”

With experienced teams and massive yet separate fan bases, Revival and Soufflesong will work together to bring Lolita Fashion onto IOST blockchain and NFT collectors worldwide.

About Soufflesong

Soufflesong is an indie Lolita-Fashion brand based in China, established in 2014. With the concept of succeeding in popularizing the Lolita subculture and regarding Lolita clothing as our expression, we have developed a mature network covering product design, manufacturing and marketing. While making every effort to design exquisite Lolita clothing, we are actively promoting this new pop culture to make the market and culture achieve a win-win situation.

The Neverland Collection honors the Gothic Lolita and traditional Chinese Lolita style. Made up of a dark nature and melancholy style with totems of crossbones, roses, thorns, angels, demons and more the Neverland collection contains a rock and roll influence. The Neverland collection is a fierce new style that is completely different from other Lolita collections. The Neverland collection successfully combines the foundational outfits of traditional Chinese Lolita style with Cheongsams.

Roses Valley‘s vision is to create a high-end collection that represents vintage and royal styles of Lolita Fashion. This collection is affordable luxury derived from the dresses of French palaces, with inspiration derived from the Medieval Century of Europe, showing brilliant colors, mysterious, and religious belief in stories created on bustles. By stamping palace stories on the bustles and changing the leg-of-mutton sleeves into puff sleeves, Roses Valley retrenches the intricacy of palace dresses into compendious Lolita dresses.

About Revival NFT Marketplace

Revival, developed by EMOGI Team, is the first major multi-chain aggregated NFT marketplace on IOST.

Empowered by blockchain technology, Revival enables the tokenization of the artwork on the chain to generate NFT artworks that are unique and verifiable with their smart contract addresses.

Revival implements the innovative Margin Reward Mechanism for its users. Building on top of the ultra-fast, secure, and gas-efficient IOST blockchain, Revival provides artists and users with seamless experiences to create, buy and sell NFT artworks at decent returns.

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