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Revival’s Weekly Transaction Volume Soars to Nearly 1 Million | More Artists to Join Medici Support Program

Revival NFT Marketplace has exploded in popularity and witnessed an impressive Weekly Transaction Volume that soared to Nearly 1 Million US Dollar since its launch on 20 July 2021.

Up to now, EMOGI Network has received application forms from hundreds of artists who are interested in joining the Medici Support Program from the United States, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, India, the Netherlands, and other countries. At present, the Revival NFT Marketplace has accumulated hundreds of works of art, including graffiti, paintings, calligraphy, and other types of art.

In addition, five NFT creations by the renowned new-generation street artist Edison Zhang were auctioned for the first time on the Revival NFT Marketplace. Among them, “The Beauty and Pain of Pangolin” and “Tang Sancai — Akhal-Teke” were sold at the record-setting prices of 954,968 IOST and 27,795,023 LOL tokens, respectively.

In order to continue to support more outstanding artists and bring more high-class NFT collections to loyal fans and enthusiastic NFT collectors, Medici Support Program will remain open to all promising digital creators around the world.

What is the Medici Support Program?

Medici Support Program is a talent acquisition program open to all promising digital creators around the world. With full technical and marketing support from the EMOGI team, creators who join this program will connect to hundreds of thousands of EMOGI Network users and showcase and sell their creations to a global audience at ease.

“We named this program after the famous Medici family, the generous patrons of many world-renown artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael in the Renaissance period.” said Ray Xiao, the CEO of EMOGI Network, “We want to provide strong support for promising and creative digital artists to make a name for themselves on Revival, just like what the Medici did for the enlightening artists of their time.”

What can the Medici Support Program offer for creators?

Start-to-finish Technical Support

Based on the creator’s needs, EMOGI team will tokenize the creator’s artworks on the IOST chain to generate NFT artworks. Each NFT is unique and can be verified with its contract address. After the creator joins the program, all he or she needs to do is submit the digital artworks, then EMOGI team will create, sell, or auction the artworks on the creator’s behalf.

Customized Marketing Support

A passionate group of seasoned marketers and creators will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the creator’s works and come up with a customized IP marketing plan, which includes but not limited to:

  • Listing of artworks on Revival front-page Featured NFTs section
  • Expansive social reach through EMOGI Network and IOST global social media channels
  • Detailed news coverage from leading media outlets in the blockchain and traditional industries

Diverse Engagement Support

By joining the program, the creator is connected to hundreds of thousands EMOGI Network users across 20+ countries, not to mention EMOGI Network’s developer community, investors, and project partners. In the future, popular creators on Revival NFT Marketplace will have a chance to participate in art and solo exhibitions hosted by EMOGI team, famous art associations, and auction houses.

How to join the Medici Support Program?

Step 1 Get enrolled in the program

Sign up and submit your digital artwork(s) to the REVIVAL NFT Fund via this link.

Revival NFT Fund will conduct a preliminary screening of qualified artworks. If you pass, the Fund will send you an email to notify you within five working days.

Step 2 Get your artworks reviewed and sign the partnership agreement

A team of experienced NFT creators will review your artwork(s). If you pass the review, you need to sign the NFT Artist Strategic Partnership Agreement with the REVIVAL NFT Fund.

*By signing the NFT Artist Strategic Partnership Agreement, you agree that you are the sole original creator of the work(s). In addition, you agree to grant REVIVAL NFT Fund the rights to propagate and use these work(s) online and sell these work(s) only on Revival NFT Marketplace.

Step 3 Have your featured NFT artworks go live on Revival

After you establish a partnership with the REVIVAL NFT Fund, the EMOGI team will provide strong technology, engagement, and marketing support for you and get your NFT listed on Revival NFT Marketplace.

Join the Medici Support Program and become a featured digital creator on Revival NFT Marketplace today!

Useful Link: How to get started on Revival

About EMOGI Network (LOL)

Founded in 2018, Singapore-based EMOGI Network has made it a lifelong mission to connect, inspire and empower all through blockchain technology.

EMOGI Network’s investors include top VC firms like ZhenFund, Matrix Partners China, Nirvana Capital, Metropolis VC, BlockVC, Huobi, AlphaCoin Fund, Danhua Capital, and more.

Our team members graduated from world-renowned universities such as Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Brown. These strong academic backgrounds are coupled with solid technology, business, and blockchain industry experience. In addition, our team leverages years of professional experience gained at top global MNCs such as Google, Microsoft, Uber, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Ogilvy, and Deloitte.

Currently available on Huobi Exchange, LOL is the native token of EMOGI Network, the 5th Huobi Prime project, with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

In May 2021, EMOGI officially announced our big step into the NFT space. Revival NFT Marketplace is coming to you in July 2021.

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