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Our Investment in Massive Bio

  • First of all, most patients are not aware of the existence of clinical trials. According to a study, less than 25% of patients managing a disease have had their physicians suggest a trial as a treatment option, even though 71% of patients who have never participated in a clinical trial indicate that they would be willing to do so.
  • Secondly, pre-screening patients to check for their eligibility is a difficult task. It is typically a manual process where physicians compare patient data — usually in the form of hospital records, hand-written notes, medical images — with eligibility criteria, which both takes a long time and is prone to errors. Innovations in oncology drug development complicate this process even more, as the emergence of personalized & precision medicine and targeted therapies is increasing the number of eligibility criteria in a given trial. As a result, majority of patients who visit sites (hospitals or cancer centers where the clinical trial is conducted) to be screened, get rejected, illustrating the importance of having a data-driven and efficient pre-screening mechanism.
  • Finally, in the field of oncology, most patients in the U.S. are in community practices while most trials are conducted in NCI-designated cancer centers, usually far away from where patients are located. As a result, patients are discouraged from attending clinical trials due to distance and associated costs.



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