Image by Roy Luck.

The Oil Tanker Train

The deep harmonic registers of the double-engined slowly-passing oil-tanker train will make the saucers clatter on the table, the vase wobble on an axis, the table itself to hop abroad over your dining room, the parallax of your eyes wavering from 2 to 4D, the whole room shivering like a mirage seen in the desert, but never reached, your company holding their ears, then stomachs, the cat dancing on hind legs like a demon imp, the bewildered dog turning slow aerial somersaults overhead, water lurching from the aquarium to hang in the air like mercury; the blue ectoplasmic spirits of previous tenants released from the suicide curse to leave the house finally and forever, even tribes of ghosted aborigines are moving onward down the land; your surprised guests now singing the notes of an eerie cantata in harmony with the engines, the sound of all rising to a high crescendo until it seems the very earth would exult in catastrophe. All until the train’ll finally pass bringing everything back to rest. “…Does there anyone wants more tea?”

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