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Vectors of Approach

Don’t be too alarmed this week to be sent away north via train toward some as yet unknown gloomy estate in the moors where a shadowy benefactor awaits you. Trundled from bed in the middle of the night and stuffed into clothes — not even your own clothes — and escorted by the orphanage staff to the train station where the train will tear away from King’s Cross as if it were the real tearing away from reality. Not to mention the terrific North Atlantic rain beading cross-wise over the window glass showing back to you your imperturbable face as the train punches thru the endless night. And beyond the glass… shadowy hooded figures flying beside the car. What are they? Dementors? Or a fantasy due to your tendency to hyperbolize? Imagining bad situations worse is a habit of the speculative mind. Perhaps you should pursue a career in science fiction? In any case whole novels’ll walk abroad over the muddy fields of your future landscape.

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