A Brand New Year, from Revo to You

an excerpt from our New Year newsletter

The following is from Revo Social team’s New Year newsletter to those who have supported us and worked alongside us in 2017. We looked back on what we achieved, and looked forward to all the challenges and opportunities that the future presents.

In the past year…

2017 has been a great year for us.

Revo Social team went through tremendous changes, growing from a small team to a full-blown digital agency. More importantly, our desire and drive to continue growing has been stronger than ever.

In June, we visited Facebook Singapore, where we received training and updates on the latest Facebook global advertising trends, and discussed with Facebook how we could apply what we saw and learned to help Myanmar businesses. What you are experiencing now with Revo are the results through our learning — trendy creatives, effective ad spending and many more insider tips we gained this year.

After returning from Singapore, Revo held the very first Facebook Day event in July, with more than 500 industry experts, digital marketers and enthusiasts attending. Throughout this event, we shared how Myanmar local SMEs and corporates can build more impactful advertising campaigns on Facebook-owned platforms. If you attended the event, thank you! And we hope the findings have been useful in your work.

If you’d like to get an appointment for Facebook Knowledge Sharing session through Revo — Facebook’s preferred agency in Myanmar — please email james@revotech.co.

In the year ahead…

As mentioned, Revo Social Team is going through some exciting changes. We want to keep you updated, so here are the two major changes we look forward to in 2018.

From the beginning of 2018, we are planning to implement the new workflow system. Have you ever experienced having five different tasks at hand, the clock was ticking and you just had to let go of the final product that you were not fully satisfied with. Well, as an agency, we face these situations on a daily basis.

After having organization wide discussions, and developing this system during the past month, I’m confident this system will help streamline our work process with you, avoid communication mishaps, and eventually enhance our production values. We truly believe we can serve you better through this advancement.

We can’t call it a new year without initiating a new team — Media Insight Team. Currently we compile monthly reports for all our clients, but oftentimes the day-to-day analytics are overlooked, meaning we are more reactive, less proactive. With this newly installed Media Insight Team, we will look after all pages & ad dashboard analytics, all on a daily basis.

This process will be painless for our clients. From the beginning of this year, our client each receives a media insight analyst on their account. This person will monitor how well each of the post is doing, analyze the reasons behind successes and struggles, and find the best ways to promote brands and products in the digital sphere.

As the New Year begins, we’d like to share with you our sincerest gratitude for supporting our work and following along our progress. Here’s hope for a great year ahead.

If you are interested in how Revo can help your brand and business, click here to learn more about what we do.