Akhayar Launched Its Redesigned Website

The change signals not just what we’ve done, but also what’s to come

A simple question has always guided us on figuring out what would be the best content for Akhayar — will what we produce add values and provide something meaningful to the lives of our audience?

As important as that question is, the idea of what’s meaningful (and what’s not) varies greatly from person to person, which is why we know in order to make Akhayar a worthwhile platform for most people, we need to customize our feed and provide content uniquely interesting for each of our readers.

The redesigned Akhayar website is a small step towards that vision.

On one hand, the new design has a clearer roadmap, so readers can quickly locate specific stories that pique their interests, and find similar stories they didn’t know existed. For instance, a stand-alone Video page will come in handy when readers want to explore more multimedia content.

On the other hand, the version consolidates all latest stories into one, almost infinite, stream on the homepage. It’s much easier to navigate than our previous multi-section feed. More importantly, by incorporating machine learning later on, we will be able to customize this feed for each of our readers based on their individual preferences, which is an exciting prospect we are working towards.

In this revamp, we added the Advertise with Us page where advertisers can learn more about Akhayar’s services, statistics and can also find ways to contact us for future collaborations. If you have questions or simply are curious about what we can achieve for our advertisers, feel free to give us a ring!

All technicalities aside, we hope when our readers enter Akhayar.com into their browsers, they will find a website that’s clean, easy to browse and pleasant to look at. No distractions, no nonsense. As long as we provide a better experience for the users, we will consider this redesign a success!

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