Introducing Akhayar — A New Culture and Lifestyle Platform in Myanmar

“One of the best way to identify business opportunities in Myanmar is to look at what’s popular around the globe and adapt it to local tastes.” — Myo Myint Kyaw

Do your friends always ask you what’s NEW and HOT in Myanmar?

Do you like to follow popular trends, from technology to restaurants and events?


Akhayar is a Burmese word that means “Prime, Crucial, Essential, Significant, Meaningful, Vital.” It’s also a new and exciting content platform that covers Myanmar:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food Reviews
  • Technology
  • Digital Culture
  • Startups
  • Entertainment…and more!

Akhayar is NOT a traditional news outlet. You won’t find boring news and long-winded articles. What you WILL find is a steady stream of fresh, relevant content — in Burmese (and soon English) — that’s meant just for YOU.

Our goal is to disrupt the marketplace and become the #1 source of what’s cool in Myanmar.


Most of the popular Myanmar lifestyle sites are translated and curated international content. Even the food reviews tend to be more focused on selling products instead of giving honest reviews. That means they’re not created with your specific interests in mind.

We’re throwing that approach out the window because it doesn’t work for readers in Myanmar who want original, authentic content. That’s why we’re creating shareable articles and videos that will make you want to check out what’s trending throughout the day.


The entire Akhayar platform will include a website, apps and several Facebook pages that cover everything from Business to Entertainment (which we’ll be rolling out over time). Regardless of platform, our emphasis is on providing a superior user experience and this focus is helping us add more readers every day.

For more information, visit us now at and on Facebook:

For media inquires, please contact Myo Myint Kyaw at

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