Today we are changing the name of our company to Revo.

It’s been over four years since I started Revo Tech. We were a tiny team of three employees (myself included), and we billed ourselves as a scrappy boutique Web Design agency eager to make a name for ourselves in the Myanmar tech community.

Thanks to our emphasis on company culture and hiring the best talent possible, we’ve been able to build an incredible team and expand our services to include social media, content creation, video production, e-commerce, digital marketing, advertising, TVC and so much more!

In the early days it made sense to name our company Revo Tech because “tangible” forms of technology (e.g. web design, web development, mobile apps) were our only services.

But that was four years ago and we’ve grown a lot in that time. Our team is much larger, our skills are more diverse, and we’ve made the strategic decision to expand our offerings to the needs of the Myanmar business and online community.

Training at Facebook Singapore — 2017 March


Because of these changes we decided that the name Revo Tech no longer captures who we are, what we do, and where we’re going. So we need a name that’s appropriate, but still recognizable.

We decided the best idea was to drop the word “Tech” from our name and go with Revo! Most of our clients just call us Revo anyway, so that’s another reason why this name change makes perfect sense.

We’re excited about our new name and especially with what it means for our clients. You’ve helped us grow Revo to where it is today and we look forward to serving your ongoing digital needs.