Welcoming Dane Harrington to Revo

Dane Harrington, IT Consultant

Dane was part of an amazing Semester at Sea program in university that took him to 20 countries in 4 months and introduced him to Myanmar. He ended up falling in love with Myanmar and made it a goal to return here one day, so we’re excited to have Dane on the team.

Dane’s joining us as part of Deloitte Consulting’s sabbatical program, which allows practitioners to take up to 6 months to pursue other personal and professional interests.

He’s spent the last two and a half years at Deloitte Consulting in Washington, DC as a consultant in federal technology where he helped them solve complex IT issues. He’s also had first-hand experience with the entire software development lifecycle.

Dane will use his experience to help us in the following areas:

Project management

Government-level IT project(s)

Training the internal tech team in best practices

Consulting with clients

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