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Sep 23, 2019 · 5 min read

Andrew Profile

Andrew looks after iPrice Group’s overall Content Marketing strategy and expansion across SouthEast Asia. He is in charge of growing a top class in-house content marketing team across the 7 countries where iPrice operates (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, and Hong Kong), with the Indonesian market at its core.

What that means in practice, him and his team turn complicated data and information into something that people can easily understand and media love to share.

Together with his team of content marketers in just 3 years he has been able to achieve impressive results such as:

  • Getting 1000+ free coverages from top media in SEA including Forbes, Fortune, Reuters (in less than 24 months)
  • Becoming the most trustable source of information about E-Commerce in SEA
  • Creating 100+ data-driven content about e-commerce & technology about SEA

Before becoming the Head of Content Marketing, he was in charge of the Indonesian market as the Senior Content Marketer for Indonesia. Before joining iPrice in Kuala Lumpur, he was an Influencer specialist for Blogmint in Jakarta, the Influencer Marketing platform that connects Social Influencer and Brand in Indonesia.

Content Marketing, Data Visualisation, Media Relations and Link Building are his specialties and we are blessed to have him sharing his knowledge with our students.

Question & Answers

Can you explain us what your typical day looks like?

In iPrice’s content marketing team, everyday we try to answer questions such as: What content can we produce when iPhone 11 will launch? How can we collect the data to support such content? What will be the best data visualisation for the story we want to tell our users?

We are also in charge of iPrice’s off-site SEO strategies, so we spend also a fair amount of time discussing how our content activities can further help iPrice’s search marketing activities and the company overall growth.

Biggest myths and misconceptions about Content Marketing?

  • #1 You need to have large budget to accomplish anything
  • #2 “I don’t have enough people to work on it”
  • #3 Creating blog about your product = Having a content marketing strategy

Your proudest professional achievement at iPrice?

Seeing each of my team members being featured in national and international media (online + TV) as experts and knowing that more and more people (both users and business partners) get to know iPrice because of our content activities.

Books that helped you grow the most professionally?

  1. Radical Candor by Kim Scott Highly recommended for 1st time managers
  2. Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull- He is the Founder of Pixar. He shared a lot about his dreams and vision for Pixar, early challenges, and how Pixar became the success that it is now
  3. Never Split The Difference by Christopher Voss- He is a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI and in this book he shares about his best negotiation techniques, which are applicable to the business world
  4. Drive by Daniel Pink one of the book that helped me understand what truly motivates people

Online resources you follow to remain on top of industry trends and keep improving as a content marketer (blogs, podcasts, newsletters)?

  • SEO Tools blog: Moz Blog, Ahrefs Blog, SEMRush Blog,
  • Top Content Marketing Agency Blog: Fractl, Aira Digital, Builtvisible, Distilled
  • Data Visualization website: Information is Beautiful & Visual Capitalist

Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

  • Know which top-notch resources to read/watch/listen and where to find them (note from RevoU >> we got you covered ;)
  • Know how to effectively find the information you need on Google

Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Content Marketing and don’t know where to focus on?

Content marketing is a huge topic. It’s hard to know precisely what you want to focus on in the early stage of your career in the content marketing field. My suggestion is to just start by exposing yourself to content marketing activities. That is, creating a content that is insightful, helpful, and bring real benefits to the readers/viewers/listeners.

…and learn as much as possible from all the experts in the field by reading/watching/listening to their work.

What distinguishes a good content marketer from a great one?

Great content marketers know what story they want to tell via their content, they are not just creating content for the sake of writing something.

Best examples of content marketing activities (outside iPrice) in Indonesia?

  • Otten Coffee (Brewing Guide). If you are a fan of coffee they have great sources on how to make your own coffee. It’s relevant to their business and super helpful. + The quality of the content is also really good
  • Bukalapak (Bukatalks). They are inviting many speakers from different backgrounds to discuss several topics. They do it offline and then upload the content on their youtube channel.

You can check some of the best content marketing campaigns done in Indonesia from this compilation my team did this year.

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