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Sep 26, 2019 · 5 min read

Pierre Profile

Pierre is the Head of Online Marketing at StashAway, one of the fastest growing fintech startups in SEA, providing a digital wealth management platform that delivers automated, personalised portfolio management to each client’s individual portfolios, operating across Singapore and Malaysia.

Before that he was the Head of Performance Marketing for Groupon, responsible for leading Paid Marketing and Campaign Promotion across 6 countries in the APAC region.

He started his online marketing career at Zalora 7 years ago, as an Online Marketing Analyst, quickly growing into the Head of SEM and Display, where he was heading the Search Engine Marketing team and Display team for 7 countries across South East Asia in the SG regional office, despite his very young age.

Originally from Jakarta, Pierre has been living in Singapore since 2008, where he pursed his BSc in Applied Mathematics at NTU.

At RevoU, Pierre will teach to our students the Customer Lifestyle framework he has developed at StashAway to activate, onboard and retain their customers throughout their lifecycle. With the shortage of CRM marketing talent around the region, and specifically in Indonesia, this will be a module you won’t want to miss.

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Question & Answers

Can you explain us what your typical day looks like in your current role at StashAway?

In StashAway, no 2 days looks the same, so it is hard to say what my typical day looks like! These are some of the things that I do on a daily basis:

  • Check up on performance and numbers of all our marketing channels. Are we on target for our budget and our KPI, how can we improve, is there any other channels that we have not tried yet
  • Check our customer journey map and brainstorm on campaigns to improve our customer experience. We are still at a very early stage in our CRM journey, therefore we continuously brainstorm on what CRM campaign can help our customers in their customer journey

You started as an Online Marketing Analyst in Zalora fresh out of university, and very quickly were promoted as Regional Head of SEM and Display, managing millions of $ of marketing budget. How were you able to take on such an important role so early in your career? Tell us also about the biggest challenges you faced.

It was definitely a daunting task for a first time manager. One of the problems was I need to start managing team member who were previously my cohort.

Fortunately, I had a manager who was willing to guide and coach me through the process and he gave me a very good advice on leading a very technical team at Zalora.

Since I was an introvert, I was not able to lead by words and charisma, however I was told to lead through example. As the one with most technical knowledge on SEM, I was to show through my technical skills on how to optimise, create new tests and manage performance number well.

Biggest myths and misconceptions about Online Marketing and CRM in particular?

CRM is all about sending as much email as possible to your customers. This is very wrong — especially in a modern day where email newsletter is not as strong as it used to be. The key is understanding what your customers need and reach out to them at the right time, with the right channel.

Online resources you follow to remain on top of the most important industry trends and keep improving as an online marketer (blogs, podcasts, newsletters)?

Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career ?

I wish I had picked up programming before. Knowing how to code will be a big plus if you want to take up a career in Online Marketing, for example — knowing how to create a Macro in excel, would save you so much time in automating your task.

Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Online Marketing and don’t know where to focus on (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

Online Marketing is very similar to a language. To be good at it you need to practice it.

Before starting, you need to have a good base of knowledge by reading through Google/Facebook documentations, as well as best practice and tips from some of the well-known blog, but that will not be enough. You need to find a way to practice it.

You can start small by finding someone who has a small business that need help in their Online Marketing, and build up your freelancing experiences from there.

What distinguishes a good online marketer from a great one?

There are 2 traits that I always look for when trying to hire a great online marketer:

  1. The ability to think critically and analytically. It is very crucial for an Online Marketer to live and breath the numbers, to be able to understand what each and every metric means in their reporting, and to be able to think the next action step from the numbers.
  2. The ability to work in a structured manner. To build successful Online Marketing campaign, a structure needs to be in place: from how the campaign is built and structured, how the tests are run, and what process are put in place to make sure the campaign is running optimally.

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