A Simple Onboarding Idea That Gets Your Startup More Customers

We’ve all been doing the startup thing for a long time. In fact, almost all of us here at Reward Sciences has founded, operated, or worked with startups in some capacity. The startup atmosphere is exciting yet incredibly challenging. As entrepreneurs we know the difference between success and failure is all about traction: how do we sign up new customers and convert them into long-term, paying, and profitable customers? How do we accomplish all of that more this month than we did last?

The issuance of points is a powerful tool that can be applied to countless types of young businesses to help attract early adopters and keep them coming back. I frequent http://angel.co but logged in earlier today just to see just how many types of startups we might be useful to.

Here’s a short rundown of exciting startups I found:

  • Wellness apps
  • Loyalty apps
  • Iot & Wearables
  • Subscription services of basically all types
  • Delivery services
  • Social Sharing
  • Philanthropy and Giving apps
  • Ratings & Reviews services
  • Fintech & Banking apps
  • Payment Services

Needless to say, the list is extensive. There’s an opportunity for the more than 500,000 new companies that come online every year to set themselves apart through the implementation of a point and reward scheme.

So how does Reward Sciences make it easy for young companies like yours? For starters, a good developer can implement our API in about 30 minutes. And we know many of the companies on Angel.co have rock star talent! Second, our simple pricing structure enables you to manage just about any budget. We offer a performance-based pricing model which means you only pay a nominal transaction fee after a conversion happens. Use of our platform doesn’t cost you a cent if a conversion doesn’t happen. So, whether your strategy is to implement app-wide gamification or a simple if-this-then-points — or anything else in between — we not only make it incredibly easy, but also cost effective for any young company to manage these campaigns seamlessly from within its own sites and apps.

Once your customers or users begin earning points, particularly once they see the awesome rewards they can buy with their points, you’ll begin to see performance results improve in nearly every metric that touches the rewarded behavior. Want more downloads? Offer 500 points, flash a sampling of the incredible rewards they can buy from within your app, and offer them another 500 points for attaching their address book and inviting 5 more friends.


Reward Sciences can authenticate an action, deliver points, and manage redemption, all in its easy-to-use platform.

We love working with startups. Reach out to Andy Price to learn more about how points and rewards can drive growth for your business.

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