Your Salesforce Just Called And Said They Need A Vacation

Perhaps one of the most important functions of an executive team is to keep its sales team in a position to optimally perform. Sales is the lifeblood of a business, but quotas, smiling and dialing, developing and cultivating, reporting, moving through the sales funnel and closing deals is a difficult process that often leads to burnout. In fact, the average tenure of a salesperson is 2.8 years, or roughly 25% less than the average lifespan of other types of employees such as administrative professionals who stay in their positions on average 4.6 years.

Even top performing salespeople are at risk for employers as they hit earnings ceilings or are sought after by other organizations. Structuring unique benefits packages can mean the difference between an optimally performing sales organization, or one with high attrition and poor performance.

In just a handful of days, Reward Sciences will be releasing its Salesforce integration — among several others — enabling any organization with salespeople to not only award points to its customers, but also incentivize and reward internal employees and salespeople. Of course, if you’re using our API, you already have this capability. But, needless to say, we’re very excited about our new integration so here’s a quick screenshot to show you how you might use it.

I’m calling my campaign “New Lead Blitz” and my objective is to incentivize salespeople who enter new leads into our CRM. Each new lead entered will receive 150 points. If you’ve implemented our API and are able to send us transaction data, then you can even award on the value of the deal when it closes, as you can see in the image above. But I’m opting to award 150 points for a new entry.

The Reward Sciences platform gets the activity tracked and automatically deposits the points into your salesperson’s account when it’s authenticated.

So here’s where it gets exciting…

Your salespeople will be earning points not only alongside their commissions but all along the way. It’s the little incentives they can earn every day that may be the difference between making a dozen extra calls or not.

Reward Sciences can help sales organizations improve morale as well as performance with the implementation of our rewards platform. To learn more, contact Andy Price.

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