Update 1.9 (August 2016)

Hello everyone,

I’m Kaiirin, project manager for Rewards.gg and here the logs of the last update we did Wednesday 24th August. I know I’m late and will try, in the future, to post version logs as soon as the update will be online next time.

So, what’s new ?

  • During the last update (1.8) we merged all the tickets day by day, week by week, month by month, to make your tickets history way more simple and easy to consult. This merged worked on all tickets from February to July.
    We fixed some issue and this feature will be working automatically day by day very soon.
  • We also did some work on our mail templates, the wording is now better and it includes links to our FAQ if you need help about something. We also added a new mailing support@rewards.gg
  • We are still improving security of the website and added a blacklist of domains on Rewards.gg . Face account creators will not be able to create account using 12345@fakeaccounts.com-like email addresses.
  • The Get-Tickets/streaming page bug some of you may have experience which crashed our website after 2 hours on Chrome, Firefox & Opera is now fixed, thanks to HitBox team. You can now watch the stream and collect tickets without interruption :)
  • We are improving our processes to add items on the website since weeks and I can now tell you that our calendar is set and we will try to respect it as much as possible:

Marketplace restocking days: Tuesday & Thursday
CSGO Giveaways restocking days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Other Giveaways restocking days: every days
Every major restocking will be announce on our Steam group (link).

As you probably noticed, this version 1.9 is the last one before the 2.0. The next update will be a major one coming this September. It will be very very huge and we are planning some teasing so… Stay tuned ;)

Kaiirin, project manager Rewards.gg