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“Along with freedom and flexibility, I believe remote work breaks borders and democratizes collaboration.”

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4 min readMay 31, 2022

Sagar, Director Software Engineering at diconium is a travel enthusiast and a digital nomad. He has been on the road for the last two years, working from Portugal, Spain, and Belgium, among other places. In his free time, he loves to read books about anthropology, social psychology, and behavioural economics and enjoys watching true crime documentaries. Find out why he would recommend his digital nomadic lifestyle and what he would do if he knew he couldn’t fail, in our Digital Champions interview.

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Hi Sagar! On your LinkedIn account, we can see pictures of beautiful beaches and sunny apartments with a swimming pool. We could say you work where others go on vacation, right?

Exactly, the picture with the pool was taken during my stay at Madeira last winter. I was really happy to beat the German winter by working from Madeira.

I prefer working in a remote setting as it gives me freedom and flexibility to choose the time and location for my work. I’m a travel enthusiast and have always aspired to be a digital nomad. Remote work has helped me realize this dream!

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How long have you been pursuing this lifestyle?

I’ve been on-the-road/traveling for the last two years.

Along with freedom and flexibility, I also believe remote work breaks borders and democratizes collaboration — with remote work, people tend to collaborate with the right people regardless of their location.

Would you recommend the digital nomadic lifestyle — for example to new starters at diconium?

Yes, I would. Travelling and exploring new places broadens your horizon and opens your mind. Since you tend to stay longer at a place than you would if you were just holidaying, you get to live like the locals do. The long-term stays allow you to explore each region thoroughly and truly soak up the culture.

There is also this constant change in the surroundings that helps in sparking your creativity — you tend to look at problems from a different angle (literally!) which often leads to innovative ways of solving them.

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And in general, what advice would you give a new starter at diconium?

diconium is a very people-focussed organisation, with a culture of community and belonging — my advice would be very simple: openly share your interests and passion with your supervisor, mentor and peers, diconium will do its best to create an environment that will help you fulfil your passion.

Personally, why did you choose diconium back then?

I joined diconium around 7 years ago as a junior software engineer right after my graduation — diconium caught my eye as it had a diverse portfolio of customer projects with a wide range of technologies. That’s like a gold mine for a software engineer, as you get the opportunity to learn and grow at a very fast pace.

I joined for the “technical” aspects but I stayed for the people. diconium has a very collaborative culture, with a strong focus on supporting and helping each other grow.

What is a digital champion for you?

“A digital champ is someone who believes that digitalization can be leveraged to create a future that is both sustainable and inclusive. And can apply his/her skills to drive the change towards digitalization!”

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One of diconium’s four values is courage: What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of teleporting and believe that it would be a complete game changer!

If I knew that I would not fail then I would have a spin-off team from diconium that works on making teleporting possible 😉.

That’s a great answer. Thanks for your time!


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