A Message From My Muslim Friend

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Part 2: What I get out of Islam

Part 1 is here. Probably best to read it first.

I asked my friend some follow-up questions to get more insight into his personal experience of Islam:

● What do you get out of Islam?
The way of life that I want to lead. Simplicity, full of love, compassion, generosity and humility.
● How does it affect who you are or how you behave?
It teaches me to find myself. It teaches me to love everyone around me no matter what their beliefs are. It teaches me to be tolerant. It gives me guidance to handle different situations or setback in an intelligent and calm manner according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Do you experience prejudice from others because you’re Muslim (especially in the wake of ISIS terrorist attacks etc.)?
Haha this is funny. Ironically, I get more backlash from my own community of Muslims than I get from non-Muslims. The reason is simple. The way I dress and the tattoos I sport on my body. This is the problem I find with my own community. The failure to look beyond what is superficial. The failure to educate with love and compassion. The need to pass judgement based on what they know or learn. To me, being Muslim is more than just learning its laws and memorising the Quran. It is about the purifying of the heart. The way we feel for fellow humans and things around us. Learning and memorising doesn’t make us any different than a lawyer who goes to Harvard but still representing big corporations who are responsible for the deaths and destruction happening in the world. Memorising the law doesn’t make us better humans. Knowing and being at peace with ourselves do.
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