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Our last article introduced the idea of RHOAM. Now we want to go into a little more detail about the content entertainment aspect of it, how it works with RHOVIT and how “ownership” of items will play a major role.

How are RHOAM and RHOVIT connected?

The connection starts with our content creators. At the heart of RHOAM are virtual entertainment spaces that will allow artists to interact with a worldwide fanbase beyond just streaming video at them. To quote the play HAMILTON, we put the fans “In the room where it happens.”

Shared experiences used to be reserved for people in the same physical space as one another, such as an art gallery or concert hall. The Marshmellow concert by Fortnite showed just how powerful taking that experience and making it digital could be. Over 10 million people “attended” the concert, not just watched it. What’s the difference? They weren’t just passive participants. They were actively dancing and exploring the space with others right beside them.

RHOVIT is already a game!

Before we go to much further into RHOAM, lets take a step back and examine RHOVIT, especially for those of you haven’t tried it yet!

RHOVIT is a gamified platform for short form videos and articles. Viewers use a virtual currency called POINTS to unlock content. Points can be both earned and purchased by the viewer.

Each time a viewer spends points they earn LOOT back. Collect enough loot and the viewer earns an Rbit Token, which is RHOVIT’s own cryptocurrency. How can viewers use these Rbits? When our digital shop launches they can use them to buy digital goods or receive discounts on NFT’s and gaming presales.

This is just the first layer of gamification. During our next phase, viewers will be able to level up to earn more Rbits plus receive daily tasks to increase their standing.

RHOAM if you want to…

We’ve established points are how you unlock content on RHOVIT. How do you enjoy the virtual entertainment on RHOAM? You exchange your points for TICKETS. Both points and tickets have a set USD value. On RHOVIT, 100% of that goes to the content provider but on RHOAM, that value will be shared back with community.

Imagine if everyone who attended the Marshmellow concert used a “ticket” to get in. Even if that ticket was only worth $.20 that’s still $2 million plus dollars that would be in the ecosystem for the creator and the community.

RHOAM gives us a fun way to take this profit and hide it in treasure chests to be found and won! That’s not the only treasure though. It could be loot that helps you level up on RHOVIT. Maybe dance moves or emojis. It could even be items and prizes from other games which they want to promote.

In our next post about RHOAM well discuss more of the actual gameplay.

Own it. Trade it. Sell it.

One of the most important aspects about RHOAM and it’s virtual entertainment spaces, is that they will be Enjin enabled. What if viewers could own unique dance moves, emojis or skins? Better yet, what if they could create something unique and bring it to the concert with them to sell?

If you purchase a skin on a normal game you’re lucky if they have a return policy that lets you get some in-game currency back if you decide you no longer want it. Of course, this comes with restrictions and limitations on what you can return. But if it’s an Enjin backed non-fungible or fungible token, you own it.

Ownership means you can trade it with another player for something else. Sell it on RHOAM or a secondary platform. Melt it down and collect the ENJ token stored inside. It’s yours so you can do what you want with it. Ownership gives a power to community that is not present in the current game landscape.

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A virtual and crypto currency backed content platform for video and articles


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A virtual and crypto currency backed content platform for video and articles

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