Leave the One

A Poem

“We lost a sheep! We lost a sheep!” 
Rang out the farmer’s whine, 
“I’d find it, but we need to keep 
The other ninety-nine.

So let it go, just let it go! 
And leave it to its prey 
The wolves will clean it up, you know
So best to stay away.

Protect the flock, protect the flock! 
What difference does one make? 
Round up all the remaining stock,
And guard them for their sake!

Don’t let them out, don’t let them out
Don’t let them chase the one
That sheep is lost, no room for doubt,
That sheep we need to shun.

So build a fence, yes build a fence!
And make it nice and tall
We’ll play the game of self-defense
And keep them in their stall.

Then frighten them, yes frighten them 
With anecdotes of woe
from fields beyond, and then condemn
The sheep that wants to go.

And then sit back, and then sit back
Relax and take a breath
We’ve rescued them from the wolf pack,
Protected them from death.

“We lost a sheep! We lost a sheep!”
The farmer cried, irate,
“I’d find it but we need to keep
The other ninety-eight.”

John 10:11