Important offline period reminder

We would like to remind all our users that due to the migration to the new Rialto Trade platform, the current platform is now in offline mode. This means that you cannot change any settings and that your funds are not being traded.

If you wish to manage your assets during this time you can still do so manually by contacting our support via the Request Support button on the platform and selecting the appropriate support topic. All withdrawal requests will be batch processed once weekly on a Monday.

All XRL token holders are required to register on

We have now opened up the registration process to all XRL token holders regardless of their verification status, so that everyone can either withdraw or transfer their funds to the new platform ( and also register for the upcoming equity distribution plan.

We would encourage all XRL token holders to register and deposit their XRL tokens before 1st December 2018. After registration you can submit the request to withdraw the funds via platform support. If you choose to also complete the KYC verification of your account, your account and assets will be automatically transferred to the new Rialto trade platform in December (no further action required).

What about users who can’t complete the KYC

If you do not want to complete account verification or if your verification is on hold due to the KYC requirements, then you can only withdraw the funds. In that case you can still register an account, verify your XRL holding ETH address (no exchange wallets allowed) and transfer your XRL tokens to the platform deposit address available in your Personal Wallet section of the platform. Then contact support as described above and ask for the withdrawal of your funds. Please note that you will be entitled to the equity distribution plan regardless of whether you withdraw or transfer your funds.

What about the token swap

Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a slight delay in the finalisation of the equity distribution plan, which is now scheduled for publication in the next two weeks. We discussed the reasons behind this in a bit more detail in our recent steemit post.

What we can confirm at this stage is that in order to qualify, you will need to register an account and deposit your XRL tokens to the platform. More details will be published as soon as the plan is finalised. Feel free to submit any questions that you have in the comments below so that we can address them when we publish the plan.


Last week we exhibited at the Malta Blockchain Summit where we launched our new Rialto Trade platform for the first time. This was an exclusive behind-the-scenes look for conference attendees, showcasing the new platform, which is currently in closed beta phase. The launch of the platform will coincide with the company rebranding where will be replaced by Rialto Trade. The new website is already live with a simple homepage at

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