Platform migration FAQ

Even though the deadline for depositing your XRL tokens to our platform has now passed, we will continue to honor future XRL token deposits, given that the number of outstanding unregistered XRL tokens is still quite significant. Some users have also experienced technical issues and the extended holiday season at the end of December, meant that not everyone was able to access their home computer and/or hardware wallet at that time.

We haven’t set a hard deadline for the end of this process, but please don’t put it off any longer than absolutely necessary, as we can’t guarantee to extend this facility indefinitely. If for whatever reason you haven’t managed to deposit your XRL tokens yet, please ensure you do so at your earliest convenience.

Customer support is available if anyone needs help or additional clarification. Contact details are on our homepage at or you can open a support ticket on the platform itself. Also be sure to read the rest of this article, as it will answer some of the common problems encountered by our users while registering accounts and depositing tokens.

Somewhat surprisingly, we still regularly receive questions that revolve around the use of the current platform, so we just want to briefly summarize what’s been happening with in the last quarter for the benefit of anyone who might not have been keeping up to date. If you’ve read all of our Q4 2018 blog posts, feel free to skip the next few chapters.

Quick recap

In short, on 28th October 2018, our platform went into offline mode, as we began the migration to the new platform. This meant that most platform functions became unavailable at that time and the platform has since been used exclusively for onboarding of unregistered XRL token holders, allowing them to release their DAP assets for either migration or withdrawal and to register for the free preferred share distribution. For more details about this process please see the relevant blog posts as linked below.

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Platform migration FAQ

A lot of users ask us to check if they have completed all the required steps or to guide them through the migration process, as they get confused by the multiple lengthy blog posts. To help explain the migration process more clearly, here are the three steps that are required, plus an optional 4th step:

1) Register an account at (be sure to enter all required personal details and to verify your XRL holding ETH address)

2) Deposit XRL tokens

3) Complete the KYC process (upload your documents to verify your identity)

4) OPTIONAL: Let us know IF you would like to withdraw the DAP assets (by default all compliant accounts and assets will be automatically migrated to the new platform)

The whole process is explained in detail in our Detailed user registration guide.

To see if you’ve successfully completed all the steps check the following:

  • User Account > Personal Information: confirm that all your personal details are accurate
  • User Account > Your Ethereum Address: your ETH address Verification status should be SUBMITTED AND IS VERIFIED
  • User Account > Verify Personal Information: your personal information Verification status should be VERIFIED
  • General Status: in the header should be Approved
  • Personal Wallet > Your Tokens: must show all your deposited XRL tokens, while XRL BALANCE AT YOUR ETH ADDRESS SHOULD BE ZERO XRL.

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please use the latest version of Chrome browser on a desktop computer. There are some bugs on the platform unfortunately, so if you can’t edit your personal details for example or submit your ETH address, a quick solution is to open a new account under a different email address, as some older inactive accounts have become locked.

Another common bug involves ETH verification amount. If the ETH address verification doesn’t go through within an hour, you can try to submit the amount again, but this time increase the last digit by 1 and it should work. It’s a rounding error that’s proving tricky to fix, given that the platform is being retired. You can of course also contact support with the transaction confirmation number and we will manually verify your ETH address.

That’s everything that is required for now, but please do keep an eye out for any updates in the future by following our social media channels and also be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Withdrawals don’t affect eligibility to receive free preferred shares or account migration

Please note that withdrawing your assets does not affect your eligibility to receive the free preferred shares and that even empty accounts will be migrated, as long as they’re KYC verified and compliant with our Terms of Use, in particular Section 3, which lists restricted jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, this list includes USA, so while American citizens are eligible to receive the free preferred shares and have successfully completed the KYC procedure for that purpose, their accounts will not be migrated to the new platform. All such users must submit a request to withdraw their DAP assets via platform support.

No need to setup new accounts on

Many users are concerned that they will need to setup a new account on the platform, so let us state explicitly that this will not be necessary. As soon as the new platform is live, all eligible users will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their new accounts, which will be automatically set up for them. Do not try to register an account at as that domain currently only hosts a landing page and not the platform itself.

Is XRL token now worthless?

The XRL token has now been delisted from all exchanges and is no longer visible on This has not made the token worthless, as it’s still possible to deposit it to our platform and claim all rights associated with it. Please note that some of those rights are linked to the snapshot on the 15th of November 2018 and any tokens acquired after that date can only be redeemed for their underlying DAP assets.

If you held your XRL tokens on any of the centralized exchanges at the time of the snapshot, please contact support with a screenshot of your trade history on all available XRL pairs between 14th of November 2018 and up to the day of the withdrawal to your verified ETH address. Please also include a screenshot of the withdrawal transaction and that transaction’s verification number.

If you held your XRL tokens on a decentralized exchange, then please contact support with a link to your Decentralized Trade History.

Active trading period notifications

Even though we turned these off a while ago, some of you have been still receiving email notifications about active trading periods starting/ending. They are obviously no longer relevant, so if you are still receiving them, please note that you can turn them off in settings under User Account > Email Notifications.

What’s next

The launch of our new platform is now only a few short weeks away. When the new platform launces, we will give everyone an opportunity to register as an affiliate to earn rewards for helping to promote the new platform. Full details of the affiliate program will be released closer to the launch date, so be sure to follow our social media channels if you are interested.

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