RIALTO.AI Detailed User Registration Guide

In this step-by-step guide we will show you exactly how to open an account on our Rialto.ai platform and deposit your XRL tokens. We will also show you how you can then either verify your account by completing the KYC procedure if you wish to migrate your account and assets to our new Rialto Trade platform or alternatively ask to withdraw your assets via platform support.

NB: We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome browser ideally on a Windows 10 PC. Please don’t skip any steps as the process has been designed to only work in this order. For example: don’t try to submit your ETH address for verification without first filling out all the required personal information (all fields marked with *).

In rare cases you can get stuck in certain steps of the registration if you have an older incomplete account or if you don’t follow the process exactly as instructed (for example: send the incorrect amount of ETH for verification). In that case please first double check that you have followed this guide exactly as instructed and if you still cannot proceed, then get in touch with support via the Request Support button on the platform and describe your problem in sufficient detail, so that we know how to help you.

Step 1: Register your account by visiting https://platform.rialto.ai/#/createAccount

Step 2: Read and accept platform’s Privacy Policy.

Step 3: You will be prompted to check your inbox to confirm your registration.

Step 4: Open the email and click on “Confirm my email address” button.

Step 5: You will be directed to the login page, where you can now log in to access the platform.

Step 6: Go to User Account > Personal Information and fill in the required information.

Step 7: Make sure to fill out all fields marked with * NB: If these fields are locked, and you cannot enter any information, this might be because you registered your account a while ago but never filled out the required information. In that case please contact support via the Request Support button in the header of the platform with all the required information and they will update it manually for you.

Step 8: Click on Save changes and your screen should look something like this if it was saved successfully.

Step 8a: Now it’s time to verify your XRL holding Ethereum address.

Step 9: Copy and paste your Ethereum address into the required field and click Verify. Make sure you don’t include any blank spaces at the beginning or the end of the address.

Step 10: Make sure you get a confirmation that your Ethereum address has been saved.

Step 10a: Now it’s time to send the required amount of ETH to the supplied Ethereum address to confirm that this is indeed your Ethereum address. The value of ETH for this purpose is usually in the fractions of a cent, however you will also have to cover the GAS price for the transaction.

Step 11: Log into your Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet.com in this example) and carefully copy/paste the ETH amount and address exactly as instructed on the platform.

Step 11a: Double check to make sure it’s matching exactly!

Step 11b: Click Generate Transaction followed by Send Transaction.

Step 11c: Click on Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.

Step 11d: You will get a confirmation in a green bar along the bottom, where you can click on Check Tx Status to verify that it’s been recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Step 11e: If you click on TX Hash link you can also check the transaction on Etherscan (useful in case you need to share it with support).

Step 11f: This is what it looks like on Etherscan. You can see that it states Success in green.

Step 11g: It will now take a few minutes for the transaction to be verified by our platform. Do not click Verify to try to submit it again, just refresh the page (F5) a few times until it updates.

Step 11h: You can track how long it takes on Etherscan. NB: If it’s taking more than 10 minutes like is the case here, there may be a problem with the amount you sent. In that case contact support with the transaction link from etherscan and explain that you are waiting for the ETH address verification confirmation. Sometimes the platform will round the ETH amount incorrectly, so even if you sent the correct amount of ETH as displayed in your dashboard, your address might not get automatically verified. After contacting support they will check for this and manually confirm your ETH address if that was the case.

Step 11i: When your Ethereum address has been verified you will see the verification status change to SUBMITTED AND IS VERIFIED.

Step 12: You can now access the Personal Wallet menu, where you will find the XRL deposit address. This is where you can now deposit your XRL tokens to. Never deposit from an exchange account, always use your own Ethereum wallet.

Step 12a: The ETH address highlighted below is where you can send your XRL tokens to. You can see that my token wallet does not have any XRL tokens yet, so now it’s time to move them from the exchange into my own wallet.

Step 13: Livecoin exchange is currently charging 39 XRL withdrawal fee so keep that in mind.

Step 13a: Of the 50 XRL my wallet will only receive 11 XRL.

Step 13b: After entering the confirmation code the tokens are on their way to my wallet.

Step 13c: It will take a few minutes for the tokens to reach my wallet.

Step 14: On MyEtherWallet I need to add the XRL tokens in order to be able to send them, however you can check your token balance on Etherscan as well if you lookup your wallet address.

Step 14a: Select XRL instead of ETH.

Step 14b: Now copy/paste the platform’s XRL deposit address and enter the number of XRL tokens that you wish to deposit.

Step 14c: The rest of the process is exactly the same as before when we were sending ETH to confirm the Ethereum address.

Step 14d: You may want to check the transaction status to confirm that it’s been mined on the blockchain.

Step 14e: Here we can see that the transaction has been found and is recorded on the blockchain.

Step 14f: Again, you may want to click on the TX Hash link, just in case there are any issues.

Step 15: Now you can log into the Rialto.ai platform and check in your Personal Wallet that your tokens are showing up there as well.

Step 15a: If you scroll down a bit you can see which DAP assets belong to your deposited XRL tokens. NB: Please note that the USD value here is for illustration purposes only and is based on the average rate on major exchanges (similar to what you see on Coin Market Cap or Crypto Compare) and is not the exact value you will receive if you withdraw your assets.

Step 16: If you don’t want to or are unable to complete the KYC procedure, please contact support via the Request Support button in the header of the platform and select Platform Asset Withdrawal Issue from the drop down menu.

Step 16a: Send us a message stating that you would like to withdraw your platform assets and we will schedule your withdrawal for the next available period. Currently we process all withdrawal requests once weekly on a Monday. The exchange rate calculation of DAP assets into ETH is done on the day of the withdrawal. NB: ETH is deposited into your verified ETH address, so make sure you have access to it before submitting a withdrawal request.

Step 16b: Alternatively, if you would like to migrate your account and assets to the new Rialto Trade platform, then please complete the KYC verification process by submitting the required documents under User Account > Verify Personal Information. Your account will then be automatically migrated when the new platform is launched in December (no need to contact support in this case).

Step 17: This is what the dashboard looks like after you have successfully completed the KYC verification procedure (underlined RED). General Status Approval (underlined ORANGE) is required to access the Personal Wallet and deposit the XRL tokens.

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