RIALTO.AI Platform User Guide

RIALTO.AI Platform User Guide

On March 31, 2018, we have successfully launched fully functional RIALTO.AI Platform. As we have entered the second official Active Period, we want to ensure that handling of the platform is as seamless as possible. Therefore, we prepared this user guide which covers the basic functionalities. Throughout a series of short demo videos, we will walk you through the platform functionalities.


1. How to deposit Your Tokens?

After the registration, the first required step is the deposit of your tokens. Before continuing to the video, it is important to notice that you:

  • can deposit your tokens only from the registered and verified Etherum address that you have on the platform.
  • cannot deposit other cryptocurrency but Rialto (XRL) token.
VIDEO 1: How to deposit your tokens

2. How to activate algorithms?


The following series of videos is about the withdrawals that are available on the platform. You can submit the withdrawal requests anytime during the active period, and we will process the transactions within three days after the end of the active period.

3. How to withdraw your profit?

4. How to withdraw deposited tokens?

5. How to withdraw platform assets?