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Luka Glogoški
Oct 31, 2019 · 17 min read
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1 Getting Started

This is legacy content from our support platform, which is not already covered elsewhere in our blog.

1.1 Creating an account

Welcome to our RialtoTrade.com user registration guide.

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  • Next, read the privacy policy and click OK to confirm that you understand and accept it. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please click on the link to confirm your email address.
  • Once your account is confirmed click on the Login button to log into the platform. Click on My Account > Verification to begin the verification process.
  • Type in your First name(s), Last name(s) (BE SURE TO ENTER ALL NAMES AND SURNAMES), select your Gender and Citizenship, type in the Date of birth — but please mind the correct format and enter the date as day, month, year or click on the down arrow and select from the calendar. Finally, tick the box if you are a politically exposed person.
  • Next, enter your Permanent residence address and click on Next Step to continue to the documents section.
  • In the documents section select your document type and enter the relevant details such as the Passport number, Issue date and Expiration date.
  • Then it’s time to upload the document photo. If you’re using a Passport, please upload a photo of both pages at the front of the document.
  • For proof of residence you can use many different types of documents which contain your address, such as a bank statement, tax return, gas, electricity, TV, broadband or telephone bill. Please note only JPG and PNG files of up to 4MB are allowed, but you can take a photo or a screenshot of a digital version of the document, just make sure the picture is sharp and clear. Click Next step to continue.
  • Now it’s time to upload a picture of yourself with the submitted ID document in hand. Again, please make sure that your face and the document are both clearly visible. Click Verify to finish. If your document verification is rejected, you will receive an email explaining why that was the case, so please be sure to look for it before contacting support.
  • Now that your verification request has been successfully submitted, you can click on My verification to review your submission. Please wait to receive the verification confirmation email, which typically takes around one business day. Once you receive the confirmation email, log into your account and your Verification status should be updated to OK. This means that you are now fully verified and can begin to use our platform.

1.2 Creating a business account

To create a business account please select the COMPANY option at the beginning of the registration process. Once your account is created, login to the platform and click on My Account > Verification to begin the verification process. Then submit the KYC verification request form and we will contact you with further instructions.

1.3 Common reasons for KYC rejection

If your account application has been rejected due to KYC failure, please review the following points before resubmitting your application:

1.4 List of restricted countries

Due to KYC, AML and certain other requirements we cannot accept customers from the following countries:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
  3. Algeria
  4. Ecuador
  5. Micronesia (Federated States of)
  6. Guam
  7. Iraq
  8. Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  9. Kyrgyzstan
  10. Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of)
  11. Marshall Islands
  12. North Macedonia (Republic of )
  13. Myanmar
  14. Northern Mariana Islands
  15. Nepal
  16. Puerto Rico
  17. Palau
  18. United States Minor Outlying Islands
  19. United States of America
  20. Virgin Islands (U.S.)

1.5 Product Risk Assessment Information

Product Risk Assessment

1.6 What fees are charged on the platform?

There will be no fees charged in February and March 2019. From 1st April 2019 the following fees will apply.

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Table 1: RialtoTrade.com platform fee schedule

1.7 Is there a minimum amount to invest?

There is no minimum to invest, but be mindful of minimum disinvestment amounts (0.0015 BTC/0.05 ETH) and withdrawal fees (0.01 ETH/0.0002 BTC) as very small amounts might not be enough to cover them when you want to disinvest and/or withdraw.

1.8 Platform user guide

We have designed the platform to be extremely user friendly, so you shouldn’t really need a guide for most things, but if you do get stuck/lost somewhere, or if anything is unclear, we have published a detailed step-by-step guide on our Medium blog linked below.

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2 Algorithms

2.1 Determining which Algorithm suits you best

Currently the only algorithm available is the Market making and arbitrage algorithm, however we plan to introduce many more in the future.

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3 Crypto Baskets

3.1 Determining which Crypto Basket suits you best

We designed themed crypto asset baskets, to enable quick and easy diversification of your crypto investments.

4 FAQs

4.1 Can I create a business account?

To create a business account please select the COMPANY option at the beginning of the registration process. Once your account is created, login to the platform and click on My Account > Verification to begin the verification process. Then submit the KYC verification request form and we will contact you with further instructions.

4.2 Which currencies can I deposit?

Currently you can deposit only Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), but we plan to introduce more options in the future.

4.3 Is KYC required to use the platform?

Yes due to AML (“Anti-Money Laundering”) and CTF (“Counter-Terrorist Financing”) legislation, KYC (“Know Your Customer”) procedure is a mandatory procedure in the financial sectors and is also a part of our registration process. Please see our guide to see how it works.

4.4 Is 2FA required to log into the platform?

Two factor authentication (2FA) is highly recommended but is not a requirement. By using 2FA you significantly increase the security of your account as an additional code is required to log into your account.

4.5 How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawals are processed immediately on our end. Depending on the network conditions it can take between 5 to 90 minutes or sometimes longer for the transaction to be processed by the network.

4.6 How can I access customer support?

Our support center can be accessed via the Help link in the footer of the platform. If you cannot find an answer to your question, click on “Can’t find what you’re looking for?” text at the bottom and a “Submit a request.” link will appear, allowing you to submit a support ticket. Further communication will then take place via email.

4.7 W​ho are we — iTrade LTD and RialtoTrade AG

The operator of RialtoTrade™ online trading platform is iTrade LTD, incorporated in the blockchain island of Malta and applying for licensing under the newly established legislation as the VFA service provider. iTrade LTD is 100% owned by RialtoTrade AG holding company established in the Principality of Liechtenstein, a member of the UN and the European Economic Area (EEA) with the highest GDP per capita in the world.

4.8 When are transactions processed?

Investing: Daily (at 12:00 CET)

4.9 How can I close my account?

In order to close your account please disinvest and withdraw all your assets and then contact us via our support help desk.

4.10 How can I change my address?

Please send a support request to change your address and we will cancel your KYC and you will be able to resubmit it with the new address.

4.11 I can’t log in, what should I do?

If you were previously able to log in normally and you are suddenly unable to, it is usually down to an invalid login cookie, which can happen if you repeatedly enter an incorrect password or 2FA code.

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4.12 Why was my account not migrated?

We only migrated accounts which were fully KYC verified and compliant with our Terms of use.

4.13 How were the funds migrated from the old platform?

Following user feedback all assets that were left on the old platform have been transferred into either the market making algorithm (MM/ARB algorithm assets) or into the US Dollar basket (AI bot assets). This includes any non invested assets, and offline MM/ARB profit, but not leftover profit from the Rialto.ai platform. Any profit remaining on the old platform was transferred into your new ETH wallets.

  1. You will automatically receive ETH to the address from which you sent your XRL tokens

4.14 Are my XRL tokens now worthless?

Since the new platform no longer supports XRL tokens they were delisted from all exchanges, however that does not make them worthless. They are still worth their share of the DAP assets. See point 4.13 of this guide on how to redeem them for ETH.

4.15 I am a US citizen and can’t complete KYC, what now?

Most users who are citizens of countries on the restricted list (such as US for example) and deposited their XRL tokens to the old platform for the purposes of free share distribution have been migrated but not enabled on the new platform. You can login and withdraw your assets though, you just can’t invest in any of our products.

4.16 How can I redeem my XRL tokens now that they are no longer supported?

If you still hold XRL tokens which you have not deposited to our Rialto.ai platform before it was taken offline, see point 4.13 of this guide on how to redeem them for ETH.

4.17 Where can I follow you to get the latest news and updates?

You can subscribe to our newsletter and other social media at the links below:



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