Upcoming platform updates

Luka Glogoški
Apr 4 · 3 min read

As we approach our second monthly anniversary of the new RialtoTrade.com platform launch, we have our first major upgrade ready to be deployed. Here’s what you can look forward to seeing on the platform very soon.

Updated email design

Updated email styling

Up to now our emails have been fairly spartan looking with essentially no styling. You will undoubtedly be delighted to learn that very soon you will be able to feast your eyes on much more pleasantly looking emails, in line with our new platform styling.

Dashboard update

New dashboard features

The current dashboard is fairly blank with poor overview of your investments and only displaying assets values in BTC. The new dashboard will give you a much better overview and an ability to check your asset values in BTC, ETH and USD.

Algorithm and basket asset breakdown

Market making asset pool breakdown

This has been one of the most requested features, so we are delighted to finally announce it. You will now see the exact breakdown of all market-making assets in both percentages and exact numbers. Once logged in this will be specific to your account, so you will be able to better track the performance of our algorithm instead of relying just on the BTC value, which may go down when in fact the USD value and absolute numbers are going up.

You will also now see not just the percentages of assets making up the baskets but also the exact amounts of individual assets that you hold in those baskets.

New KYC document upload icons

New document upload icons

KYC is unfortunately a necessary evil that we cannot do without, however we try to make it as easy and as frictionless as possible. With that in mind we have designed new document upload icons to make it very clear as to what we expect, so that there are minimal chances of rejections, which makes life easier both for us as well as our users.

What’s next

We are already working on a new report feature, which is scheduled for release later this month. You will be able to generate and download performance reports across all of your investments and deposited assets, which should make life a whole lot easier when it comes to crypto accounting.

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RialtoTrade.com is a platform with automated algorithms for cryptocurrency arbitrage, market making, and prediction trading.

Luka Glogoški

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RialtoTrade.com is a platform with automated algorithms for cryptocurrency arbitrage, market making, and prediction trading.

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