50 Tips and Insights About Productivity, Happiness, and Life.

What I’ve learned so far.

In no particular order:

01- MEDITATE!!! Seriously, meditation is the most fundamental practice you can do. Just 10 minutes a day, you are not that busy. You can share your experiences on this collection. It has lots of advice and great tips.

02- The present moment is the only thing you have.
03- Don’t buy lots of stuff, only buy the stuff you really love.
04- Declutter Magazines, DVD’s, and Books every six months.
05- Sell the extra stuff you have.
06- If you take it out, put it back.
07- If you take it off, hang it up.
08- If you throw it down, pick it up.
09- If you open it, close it.
10- Get a library card.
11- Sleep well.
12- Drink your coffee black.
13- Go to the grocery store with a calculator.
14- Bring cash instead of using your debit card.
15- Take inventory before going to the grocery store to avoid buying repeated items.
16- Only use your credit card for emergencies.
17- Pay down your debt.
18- Make a six month emergency fund.
19- Start setting aside money to invest.

20- Write your ideas down (trust me). Get a Moleskine just for this particular task. They look awesome and they will make you want to get think about more great ideas. Photo by Jochen Handschuh.

21- Get a passport.
22- Go to bed and wake up early.
23- Take cold showers. It has an awful lot of benefits
24- Get a deck of index cards. Use them.
25- Also get a deck of Post-its.
26- Go for a walk every now and then.
27- Eat from a smaller plate to help control portion size.
28- Drink water instead of soft drinks.
29- Do what you say you’ll do. No one likes a talker.
30- Don't check email first thing in the morning
31- Daily baby steps are better than giant steps on the weekends.
32- Start your own blog.
33- Spend more time around people you love and admire.
34- Read more.
35- Learn something new everyday.

36- Don’t skip breakfast. Never do it, period.

37- Learn a new language. It will make your life far more interesting.
38- Don’t discriminate. Connect with everyone in your network.
39- Be humble.
40- Be curious.
42- Turn internet access off from time to time.
43- Learn to love a challenge.
44- Skepticism is a good thing.
45- Address those two-minute tasks right now. They can become bigger.
46- Go to lots of conferences and seminars.
47- Learn as much as you can about everything.

48- Books and travels are the only two things that you can buy that actually makes you richer. Photo by Robert Couse-Baker.

49- Learn to program.
50- Regret is the only thing you should fear (also, fear itself).

Is there something you have learned so far that you would like to add to the list? Reach me on twitter at @Ricardo_Fabila and share your wisdom (I'm not famous so I do respond.). I will add the best ones I get to the list.

Ricardo Fabila

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