7 Ways to Identify a Financial Goal Worth Chasing

Knowing the “how” is easy if you know the “what”

David O.
David O.
Nov 30, 2020 · 5 min read
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Most people find themselves chasing a goal. They don’t even know what prompted the desire in the first place. They just find themselves looking for ways to get a result. The question they rarely ask is — is this result worthy of me? How do you know that you are chasing after the right thing? How do you know that your desire for wealth and riches is born out of passion and not greed? Of course, nobody gets 100% certain from the onset. But some signs can guide. Here are 7 of them.


  1. Money is a number but wealth is not
  2. Endpoint discomfort
  3. What keeps coming back?
  4. The environment sign
  5. Will it affect other people positively?
  6. There is a landmark
  7. You can see the next goal


1. Money Is a Number But Wealth Is Not

We all have to deal with money one way or another in our lives. And money is all numbers and figures. In fact, you don’t need cash to carry out transactions in today’s world. Money has become numbers on a screen.

However, wealth is not numbers. Wealth is measured in money, which boils down to numbers. But wealth itself is not a number. Let assume you have an asset worth $120 million. What came to your mind as the asset?

The asset could be one huge mansion. It could be 5 beach houses. It could be a stake in a company. It could be a rental property. It could be a piece of artwork. It could be a commercial building in a top city. It could be anything. The wealth is measured in figures but it is not a figure. Wealth is a picture.

One of the first signs to know if your financial goal is worth chasing is to check whether you are chasing a number or a picture. If you are chasing a number, that is not a good sign. You should be chasing a picture.

Don’t talk about money. Instead, talk about the thing. Your goal should be a picture and not a number.

2. Endpoint Discomfort

The tasks required to get to your goal will be discomforting. At least, some of them will be like that initially. And that is a good sign. It means you are stretching yourself.

However, if you envision how you want to end up and you feel discomfort, that is not a good sign. It is a good exercise to project yourself to your destination. If you take that mind trip and you are not happy with the achievement at the end of your journey, that’s a sign that you are missing something important.

If you take a mind trip and assume yourself at the end of your journey, you should be feeling happy and ecstatic. If you are feeling discomfort, then something is wrong with that goal. Perhaps the goal is not your goal.

Everybody should strive to be wealthy. But if you are running with another person’s definition of wealth, you are digging yourself into a hole.

3. What Keeps Coming Back?

If you consciously have to remind yourself of your goal regularly, it is a sign that it may not be what you really want. Most people have never asked themselves that all-important question:

What do I really want?

On your way to discover what you really want, you will find several things that look like it but isn’t. If you have to convince yourself over what you are chasing, then it is probably not the right thing.

Your true goal is something that keeps coming to your mind. It is something you can’t get the picture out of your head. You can’t stop thinking about it. And every time you think about it, you get that positive energy and vibe.

Don’t pick a random aim. Accept what keeps coming back to your mind.

4. The Environment Sign

If the people who watched you grow up, think you can’t achieve your goal, that is a good sign. You should not conform. We are not designed to conform to the environment. We are designed to create our own environment, especially for our success.

It feels good when you have a goal to prove people wrong. This is especially about people who have known you all your life and have put a certain limit on your abilities. It is good to reach out for something they think is beyond your reach.

The essence of a goal is not really about the endpoint. The essence is really about who you become as a result of chasing that goal. If everybody thinks you will get to your goal easily, then it is simply not big enough.

5. Will It Affect Other People Positively?

Your goal is not just for you. There are people whose lives are connected to yours. The obvious ones include your parents, siblings, spouse, and kids. If you get to your goal, what would it mean to them?

A business consultant was once asked why he won’t get into politics. He said it is because his wife loves a private life. And she would be absolutely devastated if he drags her into public life. You don’t want to cause pain and devastation to the people you love.

This is why you pick your goal before you pick who to marry. If the person you marry is not compatible with your goal, you will either have a frustrating life or problematic marriage.

6. There Is a Landmark

Goals with a landmark are more fun to chase after. An example of a landmark is being featured on Forbes as a result of your business success.

A landmark gives more life to your goal. But a landmark is not a goal in itself. For example, anybody can find a way to get featured on Forbes. So the goal is not about getting on Forbes. It is about them finding you and wanting to do a feature on you because of how successful you are in your business. That’s what makes it amazing.

A goal with a landmark is a good sign.

7. You Can See the Next Goal

As you get closer and closer to achieving the goal you have set, you should begin to see the next stretch goal. When you can already see what you will go for next when you achieve your current goal, it is a good sign.

Some people achieve their goal and immediately after that, they feel empty. They don’t know what to chase next. That is not a good spot to be. Happiness is in progress.

Go for a goal that gives you a better view of the world. Your goal should be a starting point for something.


Life is not about what you achieved. Instead, it is about who you become on the way. This is the reason not to cut corners. If you do, you will be cheating yourself from your development as a person.

But it is okay to skip levels, as long as you are doing that morally, ethically, and legally. The difference between skipping levels and cutting corners is that skipping levels is to apply a better strategy (as a result of your growth) while cutting corners is to cheat and lie.

I hope you have learned something.

Rich Culture

Be the giver, not the beggar

David O.

Written by

David O.

Bringing you new perspectives about money, entrepreneurship, investing, and psychology | #1 Amazon bestselling author | Be a hero to someone today :)

Rich Culture

Exposing the mindset and strategies that lead people into a life of affluence, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

David O.

Written by

David O.

Bringing you new perspectives about money, entrepreneurship, investing, and psychology | #1 Amazon bestselling author | Be a hero to someone today :)

Rich Culture

Exposing the mindset and strategies that lead people into a life of affluence, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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