Why You Should Be Rich

It’s not really about the money or luxury

David O.
David O.
Aug 25, 2020 · 6 min read
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You need a lot of money to live the full version of the happy life you want to have. Happiness without money is a delight in ignorance. Becoming rich will not make you another Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Instead, it will make you a fuller you.


  • The call of prosperity
  • The cause to be rich
  • What money can do
  • Why do you want to be rich
  • The first step
  • Conclusion

The Call Of Prosperity

I met a lady last year who was very entrepreneurial. She could go through the trouble most people don’t like to do to meet customer needs. At the time, she was majorly into trade and commerce. I was impressed with her work ethic and passed a comment that if she keeps it up, she would be rich. But she soon revealed her flaw. And that flaw was so big that it irritated some of us that knew her so well. But that isn’t the worst part.

The worst part was that we couldn’t talk her into getting over the flaw. It was habitual. She would rather listen to someone she referred to as a mentor and there was no sign the mentor talked to her about it. Her mentor is a young person from a wealthy family. Why did she choose the mentor? Money. That’s all I can put together.

She wouldn’t listen to me because she had a mentor who had more money. But that one isn’t really mentoring her. And it is sad to watch a hardworking person get spiraled down the wrong path because of the lack of the right advice. This is why I want to be way wealthier. So people like this lady can take my advice seriously and follow it. I have to prove it to them by making it work for me.

The Cause To Be Rich

Why do you want to be rich? I want to be super-rich so that I can influence people for the better. It irks me when I see influential people say or do things that give a wrong impression about life to the public. The sad part is that many people follow the same part and their life gets ruined. But those influential figures are just trying to live their lives and enjoy it. They don’t mean to ruin other people’s lives. And they couldn’t care less.

I met a young girl many years ago who says she wants to be like Kimora Lee when she grows up. This was back when Kimora had a reality TV show (or does she still have it?). Anyway, this young girl was so persuaded that she had answers to every question I asked her. So fast forward many years later, where is she in life?

Of course, she has consciously outgrown the “Kimora” dream. But the seeds that were planted many years ago grew. Today, she is undecided about life. Never made a real decision for herself by herself. She is living the Kimora life in her little way without the money and fame part. And you know what that is like.

And yes, I tried to intervene. But I was considered young and not rich enough to be listened to. Everybody always thinks we are in the same boat until they see we aren’t. There is a way of success and there is a way of failure. The road to failure is sexy.

What Money Can Do

I have been able to influence a few people positively and considerably. But most people just never listen. They listen to those with a lot of money and wealth regardless of how they got it. That pisses me off. Even when you tell them they are copying the wrong people, they can admit it but still go ahead.

More people are being inspired today to be failures in life. This is because if a person is not inspired to be successful, that person is automatically inspired to be a failure. And it begins with small things. Many people don’t have goals. Most of the people who set goals set what they can reach. They don’t set goals they are emotionally involved in.

What do you really want?

Having money is not about the money. Instead, it is about what you can do with the money. Never believe people who say they are happy without money. They don’t even understand what happiness is.

To be happy without money is to be ignorant

You have to be ignorant about life, ignorant about the plight of other people, and ignorant about the things you can change if you had lots of money. And ignorance is sweet. There is an illusion of happiness in ignorance. Those who preach happiness without money always get you to look at yourself.

They don’t want you to look at the world. They don’t want you to see the problems you are supposed to solve. They want you to be satisfied with what you have and call it “gratitude”.

You should not be satisfied with what you have. As long as you have the breathe of life, you should be seeking progress — to become more of who you are meant to be

Gratitude is appreciating where you are and what you have. Gratitude is not staying where you are because you appreciate it. If you really appreciate where you are and what you have, you should use it to make progress in life. The best way to appreciate an opportunity is to maximize it.

Why Do You Want To Be Rich?

In the heart of every human is the yearning for fuller expression. People have to consciously shut it down over time to settle for a mediocre life. One of my hobbies is getting people to talk about their dreams. Everybody has one at some point.

I have never met anyone who desires to be broke in life. There is not one person who says they want to manage little and live from hands to mouth. Not one person says that. They may use a different language or description, but they all want to be rich.

I have told you why I want to be rich. So, why do you want to be rich? You must articulate your desire. Maybe you are not conscious of it yet. Perhaps life’s situation and turbulence have made you forget the purpose of your being rich.

When you think of riches, do not think of a pile of cash, or a fat bank account balance or the exotic things wealthy people have that you don’t care about. There will always be luxuries you will consider unreasonable. But there is something, there has to be something, that the thought of it makes you light up on the inside. You cannot achieve that as a broke person.

The First Step

The first step to riches is hunger. You have to be hungry for it. In fact, you should be so hungry that you become angry. Not that you are angry at other people but angry at the problem you are supposed to change.

There are a lot of problems in the world. The problem you see, that hits you, is supposed to be solved by you. But we are used to raising awareness about the problem so that “people with the money and resources” should change them. That is a negative approach to life.

Stop being the “awareness raiser”. Be the problem solver. Money doesn’t solve problems. But the person who will solve any problem needs to have money. Money is not going to make you another Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. No. Money is only going to amplify you. That’s all. Are you afraid of an amplified you?

You get rich by solving problems. You stay rich by solving problems. You gain fulfillment by solving problems. You become happy by solving problems. True happiness doesn’t come from ignorance. That is fake happiness. You don’t want to know how bad things are so that you can feel good about yourself.

You shouldn’t be looking for excuses to feel good about yourself. Instead, you should feel that you are not doing enough. You should feel like you should be doing more. You should feel like taking more responsibility. You should constantly think about how you can scale to help more people.


I have many more things to say. But I should probably stop here. Think about why you want to be rich. And don’t just think about it, write it out.

Write down why you want to be rich

This has been another rant. This time, an early morning rant. Although time has slipped past noon. And I am yet to take breakfast. Sigh.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Rich Culture

Be the giver, not the beggar

David O.

Written by

David O.

Bringing you new perspectives about money, entrepreneurship, investing, and mindset | Send me a thank you note → www.davidolarinoye.com

Rich Culture

Exposing the mindset and strategies that lead people into a life of affluence, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Daily Millionaire Tips in your inbox → incomemultipliertips.substack.com

David O.

Written by

David O.

Bringing you new perspectives about money, entrepreneurship, investing, and mindset | Send me a thank you note → www.davidolarinoye.com

Rich Culture

Exposing the mindset and strategies that lead people into a life of affluence, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Daily Millionaire Tips in your inbox → incomemultipliertips.substack.com

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