I’m Becoming a Better Writer by Banning Myself from Checking My Stats

Checking my stats & MPP income every day tricks me into producing worse work

Sam Holstein
Rich Online Writer


My current stats page in all its glory.

I’m making a big change to the way I write on Medium. I’m blocking my Medium stats page and Medium Partner Program page from my computer permanently.

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this. Usually, I check my stats page often, even though everyone tells you not to do that. I didn’t check them as much as some other people, perhaps, but I did check my stats several times a day if I didn’t have anything better to do. (Hey, it’s better than checking social media).

This never worried me because my stats never stressed me out. I enjoyed high stats, but disappointing stats never injured my ego or put me off writing. To me, it was just interesting data about my performance.

Today it occurred to me that checking my stats that often may have had a cripplingly high price.

When you start getting tens of thousands of readers, something interesting happens. When you notice certain kinds of stories are easy to write and get huge amounts of views, you find you want to write those stories more often. Everyone likes easy money.