Interview with Charles M. Fickert

District Attorney, San Francisco

“What you need to know is this: This is a dangerous world. It is a world that is changing — or at least it wants to change. My father showed me that security and safety is the most important thing. Basically, there’s a reason people like me have what I have.

“It’s a question of morality. Of character. Of breeding. There is an order to things. My father taught me that order and discipline are the moral underpinnings of society. What these people want is nothing less than the destruction of democracy. Of the way the country needs to be now. It’s like in England or France — there’s nobility, peasants.

“So my job is District Attorney. It’s to prosecute criminals. Now you say I manufactured evidence and that’s not justice. But what you need to understand is the nature of the crime. It’s not literally this particular crime: it’s a crime of conspiracy — a thought crime, if you will — a thought against America.

“This is not a world where profits can be distributed equally — this is not Russia. This is America, based on capitalism. Peace and order is the mandate and we simply cannot allow people like Mooney to run around blowing up property and challenging the social order. Business cannot function with constant strikes. Some unfairness is part of the equation.

“I’m willing to do whatever is necessary. This is war.”