Course Alignment, Class Rank Guidelines Approved as Research Continues

RISD’s Board of Trustees voted Monday to approve one element of the proposed new Class Rank/GPA guidelines that have been studied and discussed since the spring of 2016. The vote primarily impacts students in two grade levels next school year — incoming 9th and 12th graders.

Beginning with incoming freshman in the Fall of 2018, non-articulated dual credit courses and OnRamps courses will be aligned with AP courses. This allows all college credit-bearing courses to receive 10 quality points toward a student’s cumulative GPA.

For the incoming senior class of Fall 2018, a student’s class rank will not be calculated or reported except for the top 10% of a given class. The class rank shall not appear on any student’s transcript, or academic achievement record. RISD will also provide each student in the top 10% a certificate of class rank containing the student’s specific numerical rank out of the total class size.

The proposals related to weighted, tiered GPAs and selection of courses for the top 10% and cumulative GPAs will continue to be studied by the Class Rank/GPA committee with the goal of the RISD Board of Trustees taking action no later than December, 2018.

Due to these proposals needing additional study, high school credit-bearing courses taken prior to 9th grade, during junior high, will continue to be exempted from a student’s cumulative GPA and top 10% ranking.