Get Moving with RISD’s Coach Fuller

Health and fitness are a way of life for the Lake Highlands Elementary community, thanks to physical education teacher, Coach Christina Fuller.

For the past 5 years, Coach Fuller has offered a variety of programs to promote healthy eating and healthy living, to the faculty, students and parents of Lake Highlands. Biweekly faculty workouts, a student bike club, campus fitness competitions, and family healthy eating campaigns are just a few of the programs and activities the school community participates in.

“For me, I want our LHE community to develop a lifelong love and understanding of what it means to stay physically fit,” said Fuller. “As a physical education teacher, I think it is important to involve the families in all of our learning so that it can be something they carry on even after their time at LHE!”

Not only does her physical education curriculum keep the students physically fit, she often works in healthy eating concepts with her classes. She encourages healthy meal planning, brings in nutritionists to work with the campus staff, and works with students to educate them on how to make positive choices when it comes to snacking.

“I try and get my students to try out new veggies or eat new foods and often have parents send me pictures of family meals, when they have prepared a new vegetable or healthy ingredient,” says Fuller.

The biweekly staff workouts are great motivators to get the entire campus moving, even at the end of a busy day. That last bell of the day rings and teachers take it as their cue to get moving and head down to the gym for their workout, led by either Fuller or guest trainers. Teachers and staff look forward to having this opportunity to get their workout in before going home, use it as a time to connect with each other and many view it as a stress reliever.

“Christina Fuller has made me accountable to achieve my fitness goals,” believes Veronica Bullard, Campus Reading Specialist and Dyslexia Teacher at Lake Highlands Elementary School. “She makes sure you set aside time to work out and understands how a balanced diet is key to see results, plus she welcomes all fitness levels and encourages everyone to do what works for them. I am super thankful for her.”

In addition to the health and wellness initiatives Coach Fuller spearheads on her home campus, she also runs RISD Rides — a free, district-wide program designed to get students active outside of school. The program works to eliminate childhood obesity by offering programs that incentivize kids to get moving. Students log their minutes of riding (bikes, scooters, skates, wheelchairs) and earn rewards upon completion of the log.