Go van Gogh with the Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art has been able to take creativity and learning outside of the museum to students at three Richardson ISD elementary schools — Heights, Lake Highlands and Merriman Park. Go van Gogh® is a school outreach program designed specifically for classrooms, with student activities inspired by paintings and pieces in the DMA’s collection.

Trained volunteers lead experiences that encourage students to look closely at works of art, ask and answer questions, and make personal connections. All programs include hands-on activities that provide opportunities for individual creative expression. Each program is tailored to specific grade levels and content is aligned with the state TEKS curriculum.

The Searching for Faces lesson focuses on the visionary himself, Vincent Van Gogh. Students had the opportunity to view some of the diverse faces that make up the DMA’s permanent art collection, as well as allow their own creativity to be inspired through a hands on self-portrait project.

“Go van Gogh is a wonderful opportunity to expose students to historical artists,” said Dayna Sisk, Heights Elementary 2nd grade teacher. “I loved watching my class learn about the history of Van Gogh in this engaging, fun and educational manner, plus the students had a great time creating their own self-portraits.”

This outreach program allows students to make personal connections to different works of art, exposes them to different artistic styles, cultural ideas and beliefs, and provides students the opportunity to explore a variety of forms, materials and meanings of art.

Thanks to the DMA for providing this opportunity for RISD students.