Lake Highlands Junior High One of 10 STEM Best Practice Sites in U.S.

RISD Digital Media
Oct 16 · 1 min read

Lake Highlands Junior High School is one of just 10 campuses in the country to be designated as a STEM best practices showcase site by Paxton/Patterson.

The company, which provides classroom technology learning systems, evaluates college and career ready labs to see how well students are being prepared for life after graduation.

The Lake Highlands Junior High lab has multiple stations allowing for exploration and instruction in various disciplines, including electrical, forensics, personal finance and robotics among others.

In addition to receiving $750 for more equipment, the LHJH lab will host schools from around the state and county interested in CCR labs from Paxton-Patterson.

Paxton/Patterson said high-quality career and technical education is rooted in 11 key elements, and Lake Highlands meets or exceeds them all.

To be successful, these labs need leadership at all levels; high-quality curriculum and instruction; career exploration and guidance; student support and student leadership development; industry partnerships; system alignment and coherence; effective organizational design; system responsiveness to changing economic demands; skilled faculty and professional development; evaluation, accountability and continuous improvement; and promotion, outreach and communication.

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