MLS Star Connects With Students

Tesho Akindele

Richardson West Arts and Technology Magnet students were able to spend time with FC Dallas professional soccer player, Tesho Akindele, discussing the virtues of hard work and staying focused on goals. MLS Rookie of the Year in 2014, Tesho knows that success is earned, not given away.

Through a partnership between Major League Soccer and Southern New Hampshire University, MLS players have the opportunity to pursue an online degree with the school. With his near-perfect GPA, Tesho was the first MLS player to earn a degree as part of this partnership and is already enrolled in a master’s program in finance at SNHU.

“Tesho served as an excellent example to our students that regardless of the innate talents or abilities we have, it is necessary to work hard and persevere to truly reach our highest potential,” says West Library Information Technology Educator, Stacey Davis. “Success is not handed to us, it is earned through determination and the compounded effect of consistent, positive steps toward our goals. The message, and the messenger, really resonated with our kids.”

Tesho realizes that his professional soccer career will not last forever and understands the importance of a college degree. “Earning a degree, for me, was very important,” Tesho shared with the students. “I’m in a unique position as a soccer player. I’ve worked my entire life to get here, but in 5–10 years it is all going to come to an end and I’m going to need a new career. I want to make sure that I’m prepared to take the next step.”

Tesho’s student driven question and answer session focused on the key qualities that he lives by — both on and off the field — having goals, persevering and believing in yourself. He is quick to recognize that confidence is key in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

“Be confident in whatever you are doing,” said Tesho. “Believe in yourself because it makes a big difference.”