RISD Posts a B, Overall Score of 88 on New A-F Accountability Ratings

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released 2018 accountability ratings under its new A-F letter grade rating system and Richardson ISD posted a B with an overall score of 88. 2018 ratings for schools remain either Met Standard or Improvement Required. Among RISD schools, 50 of 52 eligible campuses received a rating of Met Standard, and two received a rating of Improvement Required. In January, TEA will release school letter ratings.

This latest state accountability system — which was introduced by lawmakers in 2015 — was designed to grade district and campus performance in a way similar to the marks received on student report cards. While its A-F structure made significant changes to the Texas Education Agency’s assessment process, scoring remains heavily based on student performance on the state’s standardized STAAR test.

“Regardless of ratings, we want to keep the intended purpose of the accountability system in mind as a tool that educators can use to improve student achievement,” said RISD Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stone. “As we do each year, the system will be used to help us identify areas in which we’re doing well and also opportunities for improvement. It’s important to remember that almost all of the data used to determine ratings comes from a single assessment instrument, which obviously can’t capture the complete picture of how a child is learning and growing. We will continue to focus on teaching and evaluating all students throughout the school year and keeping the STAAR test, and the ratings that primarily result from it, in perspective.”

2018 school ratings and scores

The A-F system utilizes three grading domains that combine to determine a scale score that results in a letter grade. Domains calculate scores based on benchmarks, data and performance in the following areas:

Domain I: Student Achievement — measures overall student performance on the STAAR test
Domain II: School Progress — measures student growth on the STAAR test, and also compares schools or districts to peers with a similar demographic makeup
Domain III: Closing Achievement Gaps — measures differences in STAAR performance among up to 16 student groups based on ethnicity, demographics and services received. For high schools and districts, some non-STAAR measures can be considered in this domain, such as graduation rates and college and career readiness measures.

Domains II and III have multiple areas that contribute to the overall score in that domain.

RISD posted marks of 85, 89, and 86 in each of the domains, combining for the overall score of B (88).

2018 Accountability Highlights
RISD’s College, Career and Military Readiness rating was very strong. This rating measures student preparedness for post-secondary success through metrics related to advanced placement and dual credit courses, SAT, ACT and TSI performance, Career and Technical Education, and military enrollment.

RISD’s relative performance measure was also very strong. This rating compares RISD’s overall student performance (as measured in Domain I) with other school districts across Texas that have a similar demographic makeup.

2018 Accountability Challenges

Two elementary campuses received a rating of Improvement Required, and two more received scores in the 60s. Three of these four schools were identified last spring to participate in the ACE program to bring additional structure, resources and academic support to students at high-poverty campuses. The ACE program is being implemented at four RISD campuses for the upcoming school year.

RISD’s federal graduation rate is lower than state standards in several areas. While federal graduation numbers base student success on those who graduate in four years, they do not include students who earn diplomas through non-traditional high school programs taught at a different pace such as RISD’s Memorial Park Academy. The program, which was introduced in 2017, is designed to provide students who are at-risk of not graduating with an alternative means of earning their high school diploma. Memorial Park Academy helped more than 200 RISD students graduate in the 2017–18 school year.

For more information about TEA’s A-F ratings, please visit tea.texas.gov/A-F.