RISD Teacher’s 18,000 Mile Commute

George Hademenos, a physics teacher at Richardson High School, is currently in Vietnam participating in the State Department’s flagship international educational exchange program.

Earlier this year, Prof. Hademenos received a Fulbright award from the State Department to travel to Ho Chi Minh City and work with faculty and students at Nguyen Quang Dieu Gifted High School through October 13.

“I am very interested in bringing global learning into my classroom and establishing an international collaborative partnership between our schools,” Dr. Hademenos says. “I have never been to Vietnam before, but, I must tell you, that this is truly a life changing experience for me. The faculty and staff at the school I am working at have been so open, friendly and personable. In fact, they recognized me at a school-wide assembly and presented me with flowers. The students are very excited to speak to someone from the United States and are always asking me questions about the culture, language and food of Texas.”

Dr. Hademenos says teachers and staff are hungry for ideas, strategies and suggestions to help students learn. He’s engaged students in classroom activity and then introduced them to the egg drop project.

Dr. H has been teaching physics at RHS for 18 years and is blogging about his trip: http://drhsfulbrightexperience.blogspot.com

About 20 U.S. citizens will travel abroad during this school year through the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching short-term program. Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic and professional achievement and demonstrated leadership potential.