Top Ten Seniors Thank Their Most Influential RISD Teachers

Some of the best and brightest RISD high school students recognized their most influential teachers at the district’s annual Top Ten luncheon this week.

The 40 graduating seniors, including all valedictorians and salutatorians, recounted numerous anecdotes about these amazing teachers and how they pushed them to reach their full potential.

One student thanked a teacher for telling her “the limit to what I can achieve in my lifetime doesn’t exist.”

Many of these seniors, all of whom are ranked in the top 10 of their class, extolled their teachers for being patient, kind, funny, compassionate and good listeners.

Most of the teachers, coaches and mentors graciously accepted their students’ praises, though Richardson High School’s Henry Vo took the opportunity to show the audience his own brand of #RISDGreatness.

Vo stood at the edge of the stage, cuing attendees on when to clap and otherwise showcasing the joie de vivre he no doubt brings to his classes in RHS’s computer science magnet. After all, he did have reason to brag considering earlier in May his students won the 2019 UIL state championship.

While most teachers weren’t as animated as Vo, the love they have for their students was obvious, and the kids responded in kind.

One Berkner student expressed her gratitude for the words of empowerment given her: Fear less, Fail more, Live bolder.