New release — Lead Research Automation (events)

Paul Smith
Sep 26 · 2 min read

One of the biggest time vampires for inbound sales development teams and marketing staff, is manually researching leads from events.

Reps will cut and paste each attendee’s email address into Google to find the business website, then paste the business name into LinkedIn, to see if it’s the right shape and size for their customer profile. And then they do it all over again, for every registered attendee. It takes hours.

Alternatively, you might be spending thousands every month on hiring staff and consultants to manage your CRM and set up complex integrations.

Today we’re launching a prototype of our first automation tool. Simply copy and paste a list of attendee email addresses (or upload a CSV file), and Ricochet will effortlessly produce a list of matching company profiles, with links to LinkedIn, Companies House, social media, news and, where available, public contact information. It saves hours of tedious, repetitive work.

The addresses you submit are privately associated with your account only; we don’t use them for any other purpose (like growing our own database, or selling them to other customers) — like everything else we do, we’ve designed the process to ensure we’re on the right side of GDPR compliance.

This is a prototype — in time, we’ll look to integrate directly into platforms like Eventbrite — so everytime somebody registers for an event, you’ll automatically learn everything about their business and whether it’s suitable for following up.

Let us know what you think!

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