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Paul Smith
Sep 2 · 2 min read
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Sales development teams have told us that prospects (potential customers) often describe themselves differently to the language that the sales teams use when creating their customer profiles, making it hard for reps to discover them during outbound prospecting.

They’ve also told us they struggle to constantly think of relevant search terms — an empty search bar is no more help than a blank sheet of paper when targets are looming.

That’s why we’ve just launched Related Searches.

Related Searches in Ricochet

Why “Related Searches” and not “Similar Searches”?

Instead of showing searches commonly performed by others (who are also stuck trying to think of new ways to prospect), we use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the relationship between the words used by a business on their website, their blog, in their advertising — then we weight and rank their relevance to your search term. In other words, Ricochet is essentially translating the language you use to describe your target customers, into language actually used by them.

Better yet, every one of the phrases in Related Search is a new search waiting to happen — one click starts a new search, instantly revealing more prospects. And that search, of course, will display even more related words and phrases.

This is another small way we’re starting to expose our extensive work with NLP — the end result being that our customers can find new prospects no matter how they describe themselves.

Related Searches launches today and is available to all new and existing Ricochet customers.

Ricochet — SDR software like never before

Updates and product news from the team at Ricochet

Paul Smith

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Co-founder & CEO at Ricochet, founder of Newcastle Tech Trust. Formerly Hyperloop One, Government of Dubai, Techstars, Campus North, Ignite.

Ricochet — SDR software like never before

Updates and product news from the team at Ricochet

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