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French Basque Country by bike
From St Palais to St Jean Pied de Port


It is a 40 kilometers ride across beautiful mountains and on crest. Hard to get to the summit but you will discover amazing panoramas on the basque country. Along the ride, there are some peligrins and church for Saint Jacques of Compostella.

  • Distance: 40 kilometers
  • Duration: 5h
  • Elevation: 1257 meters

Download GPX file here.


It is a 18 kilometers ride on the summit of Banca. A great view of the Monhoa is at the top of this basque mountain.

  • Distance: 18 kilometers
  • Duration: 4h
  • + Elevation: 1044 meters

Download GPX file here.

Third Step: Espila to Urepel

It is a 23 kilometers ride on the crest with a very hard beginning to get at the summit. There is some off road ride at the end.

  • Distance: 23 kilometers
  • Duration: 6h
  • + Elevation: 825 meters

Download GPX file here.

Fourth Step: Urepel to St Etienne de Baigorry

It is a 34 kilometers ride with a very hard path at the summit. A great downhill is waiting for you from the pass of Ispegi.

  • Distance: 34 kilometers
  • Duration: 6h
  • + Elevation: 1536 meters

Download GPX file here.

Fifth Step: Saint Martin d’Arossa to Bidarray

Passing the vineyards of Iroulégui, the ascent on the Jara, although higher, is less demanding than that of Larla. Panorama 360 ° for the first and more picturesque for the second. The descent of the Jara is as beautiful one.

  • Distance: 18 kilometers
  • Duration: 6h
  • + Elevation: 661 meters

Download GPX file here.

Sixth Step: Saint Martin d’Arossa to Bidarray

From Arossa you follow the cliffs of Iparla to Bidarray. After passing the Massif of Larla, you will switch to the charming village of Bidarray on the banks of the River Nive.

  • Distance: 12 kilometers
  • Duration: 6h
  • + Elevation: 610 meters

Download GPX file here.

Seventh Step: Bidarray to Sare

This route crosses the interior Basque country, as imagined. Pretty villages with white and red houses, pediments and pelota players. Green hills where cows and pottoks graze in semi-freedom. All this deserves and it will take some effort to enjoy these landscapes.

  • Distance: 36 kilometers
  • Duration: 6h
  • + Elevation: 1270 meters

Download GPX file here.

Heighth Step: Sare to Hendaye

This itinerary starts from one of the most beautiful villages in France, crosses the border behind the Rhune. You reach the Col d’Ibardin where you can eat. Finally, the rugged climb to Xoldokogaina and Mount Calvary will allow you to admire the ocean before going to make a splash on the beach of Hendaye.

  • Distance: 37.5 kilometers
  • Duration: 6h
  • + Elevation: 1115 meters

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