Your Next Video Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated.

Still that didn’t stop me from over thinking, wasting time and making things more complicated than needed to be.

We all have to start somewhere, is what I kept telling myself.

I won’t keep you waiting, the video I wound up with:

Music: Vibe NCS Release by Ash O’Connor

From the top.

Last summer I started a motorcycle and motorsports data acquisition app and optional Arduino Sketch. I launched in November and had a desktop version out by April. They were really beta tests to see if people like the idea, would use the app and to learn what people expect from an app like this. This summer was the first summer it was launched and because it’s a motorcycle app it is somewhat seasonal.

Anyway — I need a video for my app. There’s a vast moto-vlogger community on YouTube and videos and motorcycles go together. It really makes sense to make a video and I should have done this sooner.

First I started planning.

It didn’t go well.

I thought I would get some inspiration and Sandwich Video has really set the bar for startup videos. They make some top of the line videos, they all seem informative, friendly, polished, really top notch. After watching a few I thought about giving up. But I didn’t want to get too discouraged so I just started instead.

I started recording.

I don’t have fancy cameras or a GoPro but I did borrow one and later made an action cam out of an old Canon Powershot. I knew I wanted a video that felt fun and I knew I wanted it to be unique. But the high bar that Sandwich Video sets with theirs was too much to even consider — they do some great work and I’m not them. This is my first video for any kind of product or app or anything.

I set some goals.

First is to make something I think is cool. It doesn’t need to be a traditional marketing video, and those tend to be boring anyway. Cool is better than boring and informative. I can make an infomercial later.

Second is to learn, I’ll no doubt make more videos in the future. With out video editing experience you can’t have experience editing videos, and I had none.

Third was have fun. Motorcycles and fun go together so it was pretty much guaranteed.

Not really the biggest goals but hey — it got me started.

At that point I let myself quit worrying about making a traditional product video and quit trying to compete with Sandwich Video.

I need to learn more than anything. I watched hours of advertising by default and looking for “classic commercials” to really get more inspiration.

However, music videos were what really caught my eye. I decided I would try to make something cool with music I can legally use. I had wanted to make a video to an EDM song or two for a while now and never did so I thought this would be a good chance to do that, it seemed like a good match.

My basic method of recording videos was to find a place to record, setup the camera on a tripod and record myself passing by a few times and then use After Effects and Premiere Pro to make more short clips from slightly longer videos. The After Effects part is really what made the video what it is, that and the music are the coolest parts, I think.

I spent most of the summer recording short videos, I probably should have made more but it is what it is, I started to get overwhelmed with video and later needed more by the time I was editing.

I put too much thought into all of it. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess, but I was overthinking things like the lighting when I didn’t need to worry about it as much as I did. I should have just gotten more videos, next time I won’t over think.

With the videos recorded I started editing.

Lucky for me there are musicians who put out music under “No Copyright Sounds”, the open source of music. Ash O’Connor unknowingly donated music to this project. That’s pretty much the coolest thing to happen to the project because I’d be lost without it.

Well that’s what I did, I hope you liked watching it and reading about it.

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