Bike-Friendly Businesses

2017 Bike-Friendly Business winners (from left): Feelmore Gallery, Integral Group, and Oakland Public Library

The East Bay is home to many bike-friendly businesses and each year Bike East Bay recognizes three that go the extra mile.

Feelmore Adult Gallery is a sex-positive adult shop and gallery in downtown Oakland that stands out as a bike-friendly, woman of color-run business. Owner Nenna Joiner is a regular bike rider who has also ridden from San Francisco to LA on the AIDS/Lifecyle. A long-time believer in the future of downtown Oakland, Nenna has her eye out for what she can offer to the community. She encourages her customers to save money and be healthy by visiting Feelmore by bike. Feelmore offers a 10% discount to anyone who rides to the shop and pays in cash. In addition to having requested the city install racks in front of her business, she welcomes your bike inside while you shop.

Integral Group’s one hundred-employee engineering office provides expertise in LEED certification for green energy and environmental building design. The company provides plenty of bike parking at their offices, which is conveniently located above Archer Bicycle in downtown Oakland. The office’s second floor lobby hosts a large bike-parking area with both floor-mounted and vertical racks that fill up daily. There is even additional parking on the third floor. Employee Marissa Clark says, “Our enthusiasm for bike commuting grew out of our sustainability work and we now have around 40 employees who bike to work regularly.”

Oakland Public Library is going out of the way to encourage biking by employees and patrons alike at their 18 locations. Branches support their many employees who bike by providing indoor parking, pumps and locks, tools, and even shower facilities. To promote biking, the library hosts a community bike shop at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch and is launching a new fleet of bike libraries this May. Thanks to a strong biking culture, most locations have have a librarian who rides and is happy to help newer bicyclists figure out a route. Librarians love to share information!

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