Bike Mom Leads in Fremont

New Fremont BPTAC member Melissa Avery loves to explore the outdoors by bike.

Melissa Avery is a Fremont mother of three who bikes with her kids around town. She is also one of the newest members of Fremont’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Advisory Committee (BPTAC). She was motivated to apply mainly because, she says, “you can only complain so much” before acting.

“I ride in one of the neighborhoods where bicyclists in my city have the most collisions,” Melissa said. “I want to make my city safer for my little kiddos to ride their bikes.”

Melissa brings to her new position both a love of adventure and a passionate voice for Latino/as in the outdoors. The name of her blog,, is a nod to her Peruvian family roots. Chasquis were extremely physically fit messengers who connected the Incan Empire, at times crossing high mountain roads in the Andes. Melissa’s blog shows her kids are likely chasquis in training, growing up hiking and biking in beautiful places across California.

“My son loves to ride bikes, so we had a biking birthday party at Coyote Hills Regional Park,” wrote Melissa. “We attempted an organized ride but the kids were having so much fun just riding around the party that we didn’t end up having a “ride”. Cake, presents, piñata, and bike riding.”

Meet Melissa at the next BPTAC meeting or catch her riding around town with her kids.

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