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Clement Avenue Cycletrack opens in Alameda

New Cycle Track in Alameda

The first segment of a visionary Cross Alameda Trail was completed this spring, bringing Bike Walk Alameda one step closer to ringing the island with low-stress bikeways. The brand new Clement Avenue two-way cycle track — also known as a protected bike lane — is located next to the Fortman Marina, giving bicyclists a scenic view of sailboats on the water. Thanks to a recently awarded $11 million grant, the city will complete other portions of Clement Avenue for the Cross Alameda Trail.

Additional pieces of a “ring road” for bicycling are in the works. In 2010, the city successfully acquired the abandoned railroad right-of-way running between Alameda Point and the Webster Street business district. When complete, the Cross Alameda Trail will follow the Alameda Belt Line Railroad route across the northern part of the island.

In 2016, Bike Walk Alameda overcame opposition from “Drive Alameda,” a group committed to you know what, to approve and secure a $10 million grant for a low-stress bikeway on Central Avenue. This two-mile segment on the southern side of the island includes protected bike lanes. The Central Avenue protected bike lanes will eventually provide a connection between the existing Shoreline Drive cycle track and the Cross Alameda Trail.

Green Light for 33 New Bikeways

Bike East Bay’s decades of advocacy for bike funding paid off this spring. Alameda County Transportation Commission and Contra Costa Transportation Authority awarded funding to 33 new low-stress bikeway projects across the region. A total of $187 million was allocated for 18 protected bike lanes, ten bike paths, and five bike-ped bridges, plus many more roadway improvement projects that will include bike facilities.

In Alameda County, we are particularly excited about the Southside Pilot Transit-Bike Project, which will improve multimodal travel on the south side of UC Berkeley’s campus by adding transit improvements and cycle tracks to Bancroft Way and connecting streets. Contra Costa County projects include much-needed safety improvements on Monument Boulevard in the form of a two-way path connecting to Concord BART Station.

Bike East Bay staff, members, and volunteers contributed thousands of hours to approve these projects and win campaigns for Measures B, BB, and J to fund them. These transportation dollars also include regional and statewide sources such as the One Bay Area Grant program, the Active Transportation Program, and Highway Safety.

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