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Chisel: The Product Manager’s Best Friend

Chisel’s Pre-Seed funding helps more PMs streamline day-to-day operations

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In recent years, apps catering to software developers, designers, and project managers have emerged as more and more verticals digitally transform.

One segment of employees hasn’t had its moment in the limelight: Product Managers. PMs, as the cool people call them, are mini-CEOs of their products who could use some shiny new tools on their utility belts. After all, these are the folks shepherding the most innovative software products into existence.

Meet Chisel: a much-needed system of record for Product Managers that replaces old-school spreadsheets and slides. Made by Product Managers, for Product Managers, Chisel puts the “product” in productive and the “app” in happy, ensuring PMs are as delighted as the end-users thumbing their phone screens. We’re all-caps-excited to announce our investment in Chisel’s $1.5 million pre-seed round — we even get to team up with Shruti Gandhi and our friends at Array Ventures!

As for playing a small role in improving the quality of tomorrow’s apps, and the quality of life of those managing them? That feels pretty amazing, too.

Chisel Founder/CEO Praful Chavda

Leading Chisel Labs — and the product management workflow revolution — is founder/CEO Praful Chavda. To say he knows what he’s talking about is an understatement: Praful spent more than a decade at Microsoft overseeing enterprise products such as Office 365 before serving as Head of Product at Humu. He’s also a seasoned repeat founder who previously spearheaded Bryght AI (acquired in November 2021), an AI solution for customer service teams. Altogether, Praful and Chisel Labs’ consortium of advisors — Vivek Bhaskaran, Parag Vaish, Andrew Reddish — comprise nearly a century of experience building world-class products.

Praful and his crack team of product aficionados have spent enough time in the trenches to know what ails Product Managers. At the top of the list is the lack of a comprehensive platform spanning the entire lifecycle of product management. Sure, there are plenty of tools that help manage roadmaps, but what about keeping the product team in sync? Or eliciting feedback from customers?

Chisel’s all-in-one solution makes it the de facto primary app for Product Managers. Here are the features that separate it from the pack:

Roadmaps: Enables PMs to manage product features and prioritize them to help deliver the right product at the right time

Team Radar: Aligns various disciplines across PM, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, UX, etc., using a score-based, collaborative prioritization model, and includes appropriate stakeholders in the decision-making process

Product Feedback: Allows PMs to build a deep and direct customer connection using feedback tools like surveys

Chisel’s release view organizes features into release sprints to keep deliverables on track

The Product Manager role requires impeccable organization, multitasking, and ample feedback from customers and team members. We’re proud to be early backers of a solution that helps PMs tick all of these boxes, especially at a time when more coworkers are collaborating across time zones.

Congrats to Praful and the Chisel team on the big news. Even bigger milestones lie ahead, and that bodes well for Product Managers everywhere.

Read more about Chisel Labs’ pre-seed announcement in VentureBeat. Interested in working for Chisel? Check out the company’s open positions and see if there’s a fit!



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