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Smooth Sale-ing: Aircover’s Seed Round a Watershed Moment for In-Meeting Sales Tools

It took a year and a half, but it seems the awkwardness of video conference calls has (mostly) dissipated. The majority of us know how the mute button works. Eye contact is getting there. But it can still be difficult to read the Zoom room, especially for salespeople accustomed to working their magic from across the table, not across the screen.

This is where Aircover comes in. A real-time sales intelligence platform for customer-facing teams, Aircover today celebrates its $3 million Seed round and we’re thrilled to have a spot on the parade float.

Team is one of the key factors we look at in new investments, and Aircover’s talented trio of co-founders was an easy sell. A repeat founder and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, CEO Andrew Levy co-founded Apteligent, later acquired by VMware, where he helped develop automated, analytics-based products. CTO Alex Young and CBO Dave Levy both worked with Andrew at Apteligent and VMware, and add 20+ years of engineering experience and enterprise sales chops.

From left to right: CBO Dave Levy, CTO Alex Young, CEO Andrew Levy.

These three are solving a major problem in Sales Land: the future of work is literally Zooming ahead, as are the digital interactions between remote buyers and sellers, widening the gap between “nice to meet you” and “let’s make a deal.” Before the mass migration to virtual work in 2020, Andrew witnessed this dilemma firsthand when Apteligent scaled its team. A growing armada of sales and other customer-facing reps struggled to unify around the same messaging, and traditional methods of sales training weren’t nearly as efficient enough. How do you keep everyone on the same page?

The answer is real-time insights. ​Conversational AI that curtails ramp time, shortens sales cycles, and boosts win rates. A data-driven approach that enables consistent messaging among reps and strengthens seller-buyer relationships. In a word: Aircover.

With Aircover, closing deals is as easy as ABC.

Aircover helps quota-pounders make extra cheese. It also facilitates sales leader and sales support roles. Old-school training of sales reps — reviewing several hours of recorded sales calls every week, referencing outdated knowledge bases — can finally be put to bed. Here is how Aircover makes life easier on every member of the sales team:

  • Sales Leaders can update their team in real-time with the latest messaging and positioning; build a repeatable playbook with automated in-meeting tools; and use deal data (objections, questions, competitors) to fuel sales trainings.
  • Sales Reps ​​​​can build better relationships with buyers and get real-time information to win more deals; share deal and persona information in-meeting; have tribal knowledge of their entire field at their fingertips; and automatically sync notes and deal roles to their CRM.
  • Sales Enablement ​​teams can seamlessly gather knowledge from experienced reps and create actionable real-time content; implement tools directly into meetings that bolster the buyer-seller relationship; and provide up-to-the-second guidance to sellers with the latest sales materials.
As sales calls progress, Aircover provides reps with relevant talking points in real time.

Deal or no deal, Aircover bases its approach on the sales journey. What actions led to a successful conversion? What didn’t work? Aircover helps go-to-market sales teams reproduce these behaviors at scale via natural language processing. Like a voice of reason in your ear, Aircover’s AI grows more intelligent with each sales conversation so that relevant answers are surfaced when reps need them the most (right away).

The normalization of remote work has rewritten the sales playbook. Companies will need to integrate apps into their virtual meeting software if revenue teams are to keep pace, and Aircover is there to fill the need.

Welcome to The Ridge Familia, Aircover. We’re humbled to fly alongside as you deliver real-world results to virtual sales.




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